Saturday, December 31, 2005

My New Year's Resolutions -- Everything Starts In the Mind

1. constantly "clear" my self mentally, emotionally, psychically; watch out for and stop error thoughts, expose them to the Light, and transform them into loving, positive thoughts;

2. stay, soak, bask in Gratitude Mode, so the world's so-called "realities" don't get to me and my joy, as i begin to more consciously manifest now my desired realities;

3. revel in my perfect weight of 136 pounds, and the truth that anything more is not me, so they just fall off quickly and effortlessly ( : > yes, im serious, too.);

4. order and eat what i truly want to eat, and stop eating my children's leftovers. (i started yesterday, see?)

follow my joys;
take good care of my self, love and respect my self in all ways;
grow into my goddessness as i was always meant to be!!!
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