Sunday, February 19, 2006

temporary knockdown

i am wallowing in all the negative emotions brought about by my recent temporary knockdown; i don't even have the energies to smile.

but perhaps, this is a good thing, just part of the normal emotional balancing that one undergoes as one grows in one's meditations and spiritual growth.

it feels a whole lot like deja vu, being taken back in time to those early post-sep months... except that this time, i am allowing my self to cry my heart out.

i didn't cry this much back then, just very misty eyes, but i stopped the tears from flowing. my chin wouldn't allow it back then.

my chin is humbler, softer now.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

upping the ante

there's a good purpose to my car's constantly breaking down these past few days. somehow, papa has learned of it and has offered, through my brother, to buy me a new secondhand but newer edition car.

expectedly, though, given papa's Scroogey ways, he has set his budget at only 100k.

a door is opening to manifest my desires for a new family car for the kids and i. but i originally wanted a family van-type vehicle, specifically the Toyota Innova. and it costs 1M. : )

should i settle for less and take what's offered by papa, or should i just continue manifesting for what i truly desire?

i think i'll continue manifesting, even if i open my self up to papa's offer by exploring what's available out there, given his budget...

or what else is the Mind good for if we only settle for less? : )

a woman's reach should exceed her grasp, or what's a Heaven for?

Somebody, Answer Please!

what can be expected to happen as one grows in one's meditation?

i do my audio-guided Silva meditations every 2 or 3 days, as i find that the positive energies generated last me 2-3 days; if i do it every day, i feel very "high" and "heady" so i thought id learn to get comfortable with 2-3 days until i can move up to doing it every day.

im on my 13th session now, but recently, after the wonderful post-meditation feelings, ive found that sad/tired/bitter emotions come up to the surface. when i do the physical relaxation part, i sense everything as ok except my uterus, which feels very tired, haggard, used, abused, ravaged even. as im physically okay based on my last checkup, i think it symbolizes some creative/reproductive part of me that's feeling burnt out and sad and tired and embittered...

ive read in some articles that part of growing in meditation is emotional balancing... is this true? what does one do to make the best use of this phase then?

what can be expected, too, in the whole process of growing in meditation? what are the key phases or signposts to watch out for so that im not caught unawares next time?

i remember now that way back in 1991, when i took and graduated from my Silva course, the same thing happened as i began to practice meditating on my own, although at that time, an avalanche of negative emotions came up to the surface that it overwhelmed me... and i simply stopped meditating. i see now that if this emotional balancing phase is true and expected, i should have went ahead anyway.

but what does one do when one is in this phase? how best to handle emotional balancing?

what are the phases to expect next along the journey?

i would appreciate guidance from more experienced meditators out there.

thank you very much!

many blessings to us all!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

thoughts become things

from a Manifest Life forum sharing:

The Nature of Thought Energy
By Dr. Jeffry R. Palmer Ph.D.

Your thoughts are the currencies with which you exchange energy with the universe.

Do you believe that your thoughts have energy? Do you believe that a place or an object can retain the energy of the people that have come into contact with it? If you have ever entered an old home and sensed the presence of its previous occupants, or held an antique item in your hands and felt the history of it, then you know the answers.

Scientists are just beginning to accept the truth about thought energy, and have begun to study what many have known for centuries. In fact some of today's leading scientists in areas of physics, biology, psychology and many other fields are starting to recognize the importance of thought energy.

Positive thought energy in the form of collective meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce violent crime! In 1993 a study encouraged by one the world's leading physicists was undertaken in Washington D.C to determine if focused meditation could have an effect on that city's crime rate. The results were astonishing. During the weeks that several volunteers meditated, crime rates fell dramatically by 25 percent!

This was no accident. This was scientifically validated and proven to be an effective means of countering the criminal inclinations of a very large group of entire city in fact.

All life is energy. Thoughts have energy.

Negative thoughts create negative events. Positive thoughts create positive results. The energy of thought is either stored in physical structures or is transmitted into the universe, it never dies.

Consider what this means. Think about the ramifications.

Where did the clothes you are wearing come from, who made them? Were they manufactured by depressed and impoverished people working in appalling conditions for weeks to make the same amount of money that you spend on a cup of coffee in the morning? Who built the car that you drive? Was it built by disgruntled and tired factory workers? Where some of those workers alcoholics? Did some of them leave work, go home, beat their wives and children and build your car the next morning? Who built the house that you live in? Who came into contact with the food that you ate today? Starting to get the picture?

Everything we come into contact with can hold the thought energy of other people. Even the air that we breathe carries the thought energy of those it surrounds. What were the thoughts that have been injected into every part of your life? How much has the thought energy of others affected you?

Every thought interacts with the energy of the universe. Negative thought looks for other negatives thought energies to bind with. Eventually a matrix of negative thought energy is created and forms a thought wave. These powerful negative thought waves manifest themselves in our lives in the form of poverty, crime, war, plagues and natural disasters.

Negative energy creates a vacuum, it detracts from the life giving nature of the universe Negative thought waves come in many sizes and have been known by many names, bad luck, misfortune, disaster, evil, curses, etc. Call them what you will, the source of their energy is the same. The source is us.

Positive thought energy also seeks out other positive energies. If you are a source of positive thought energy, positive and beneficial energy will return to you in many wonderful and unexpected ways. Positive thought energy creates a surplus; it is the surplus of positive thought energy that allows for the creation of life.

You are the source and creator of all things. Everything that happens in your life has a direct connection with the type of energy that you are charging the universe with. You alone are responsible for the type of energy created by your life.

Becoming aware of the power of your own thoughts is the most important step in understanding how to handle the adverse influence of the negative thought of others. Knowing the value of positive thought energy allows us to become sensitive to negative energy. We begin to notice it in our own speech, we see it in our relationships, and we notice it in others.

Being aware is the key. Once we are aware of the negative thought energy in our lives we can take measures to eliminate it and replace it with beneficial, healing energy. It is as simple as noticing it and dismissing it with our minds. A thought enters our mind that we recognize as negative, we simply dismiss it. By dismissing negativity we take away its power by not allowing it to manifest further negativity in our lives.

There are of course many other techniques available to combat negative thought energy and create positive abundance in our lives; including focused meditation among others.

The critical first step however is simply being aware of the existence and effects of these energies. Hopefully this brief article has helped you to allow that first step to be taken.

About the Author

Dr. Jeffry R. Palmer Ph.D. Is the author of "Judo for the Soul - The Art of Psychic Self Defence", as well as numerous articles and papers relating to metaphysics and the study of paranormal phenomena. Further information about Dr.Palmer and his books can be found at

in Alpha

ive just finished my 13th Silva meditation and again, like always, im feeling wonderful! gone are the dross buildup of the last 3 days since i last did my Silva! i really should do this more often.

i am able to concentrate better now, especially after i'd note down whatever thought came to mind ("framing" it, as stuart lichtman would say). then, id just simply go back to my Alpha or meditative state and focus...

the thoughts i jotted down are interesting-- they're more like my Mind's notes to me, reminders and further To Dos:

- vegan lunch at Honey's later

- bring Bea home by 10:30 a.m., buy my vegan lunch (or have it there at her resto) from Honey's, and buy lunch and eat lunch with paolo at my office at 11:30 a.m.

- contact Dr. N re school paper talk

- (this one is most interesting... ive been having this feeling ever since i re-started my meditations but i am able to articulate this only now...) my uterus feels tired and worn out and all used up; it needs relaxation, healing and wholeness again. see Dr. C for a check up, just to make sure that everything is physically okay...

- open dollar savings accounts in the two banks where i already have my peso savings accounts ASAP! (how else can Intention 4 manifest? you are blocking its flow by not making the receptors available!) : >


my "review" using the 3-screens technique (well, actually 2 now, as i don't use the left screen anymore; just taking the image out from the right/past, bringing it to the center/present for review and "recharging" of energies, and sending it out again to the right/past, as "it has already been done" as far as Mind is concerned) also felt easier and faster, too.

my four Intentions feel now like they are farther out there in the ether, closer to manifesting, than they are closer to me here from my vantage point of just vividly visualizing them still.

so i focused on my two additional intentions instead, this time for Honey and her family and her business, and for that cake chiller she wanted. : )

the two additional intentions felt closer to where i am, so maybe these are what i need to work on now in clarifying and letting go...


another insight im getting is that practice in these meditations gets one relaxed and accustomed to being in the intuitive, Alpha mode so, that one learns finer discernment now, when one is choosing and acting from the ego/Beta level, or from a deeper, more soulful level...

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Celebrate the Good

how to keep "sustained, consecutive thought" on what you desire/want to manifest...


You see, that’s why I call it the observation cycle. Just by observing what is happening to me I will get more of it. People that have lots of money; they aren’t doing daily exercises.

They’re observing how much money that they have in their ATM machine and in their bank and in their cookie jar at home. They are just living that (inaudible from audio). They are observing it and in their observation, they are getting more of the same. That is like people who are down and out and don’t have any money and are broke all the time. It’s not that they deserve to be broke or that they are worthy or not worthy of it…it’s their observation of being that way that keeps them trapped in that vibration.

That is when you use deliberate attraction. When you say, “I don’t like what I am getting.” Well, you know what? You have to stop observing it.

How do you do stop observing it?

You start using the Law of Attraction more deliberately, to use deliberate attraction, so that you can change your vibration. Then once you start to receive things that are in alignment to your desire, celebrate them and say, “Ok, you know what, the Law of Attraction is starting to work.”

You see, a lot of people say they're not satisfied until they get the full manifestation. I tell people to celebrate how close anything is that is in alignment to the match. In other words, if you want 10 new clients and you have 8, guess what? Get excited about that. “Wow, am I ever good. I got 8 new clients this month so far. Am I ever good at lining up my energy. I have 8 clients.”

But you know what most people do? Most people keep score that they are not there yet. “Oh, I wanted 10, I only have 8. I need two more, I need two more, I need two more.” They are not coming from a place of abundance. They are offering a negative vibration. So, celebrate how close the match is.

If you wanted to attract an ideal mate and you go on a date and the date was only half of what you thought….celebrate the half that you like. Come home and say, “ Wow, what a great date. My date was this and this and this. Wow, I like that. Am I ever getting close. Am I ever getting close at attracting my ideal mate.” It doesn’t mean that you have to go on a second date but, find the nugget in that experience that you can celebrate. In your celebration, you‘ll get more of it.

from Manifest


Saturday, February 11, 2006

more lessons

i have been studying soul/metaphysical matters for as long as i can remember, maybe starting around the age of 12 or so, name it, i must have at least studied it at some time or another-- astrology, the Bible (yes, The Bible!), the Napoleon Hill series, the Og Mandino series, The Rosicrucians, Jonathan Livingston Seagull and all the other books in the Richard Bach series, Silva, The Celestine Prophecy, Conversations with God, plus countless other books and correspondence lessons on psychology, self-help, self-improvement, and now Manifesting-- but it has only come together to jell for me now, at last.

it's like they built on each other somehow, when at the time i was studying them, i thought i was studying them separately, each different from the rest, offering something new. even now, well, since middle of last year actually, when i began to resume my serious studies again (it used to be that i read one book, then "lived normally" again for a few months or even years, then a crisis or question would arise, then id be drawn to the next book again, and so on and so forth) and more consistently this time, i see all my present studies as building upon what ive learned in the past, that i wouldn't be so easily understanding them now if it weren't for the preparations and serious struggles of self-questionings in the past. actually, the present time feels more like a review than coming into new knowledge for the first time.

and i am realizing one important thing--- that they all basically speak of the same things, that there are certain commonalities in principles, and that they just differ in language used, methods and focus.

what are the "same things" that they speak about? that life is certainly more than the physical, that heart and soul and mind are more infinite, timeless and lasting, that what is without is a reflection of what is within, that if you do not go within you will go without ("seek ye first the Kingdom..."), that God/the Universe is an infintely merficul and loving God Who desires to give us Abundance, if only we open our selves to it and allow it and accept it and participate in our own god/ goddess- ness too ("... what I can do, You can do also...").

the principles i have learned now, id like to state for my self in terms of Joe Vitale's and Anisa Aven's "steps (mainly because they were what worked best and clearly for me):

1. know what you want
2. get clear
3. stay in joy
4. let go (Vitale)


1. want it
2. allow it
3. accept it (Aven)

and i am learning now that all the many books, lessons, courses, seminars and programs out there differ only in their methods and focus.

most psychology and self-help material, plus a lot of meditation material, help you know what you want.

stuart lichtman's cybernetic transposition and programs like EFT help you get clear and stay clear. wallace wattles' The Science of Being Rich helps you get clear, too, and cast out untruths about riches, abundance and prosperity.

i haven't found too many books on staying in joy; i guess most books and courses assume it. but the one book i found which helped me a lot was Mama Gena's Pleasure Revolution books. don't get discouraged by the definitely for-women only thrust; the principles are still the same: when you follow your bliss, the energies you create from joy are so powerful, they bring you more of your bliss to you. (of course, the same holds true if you follow your miseries; they create equally powerful energies too, and bring you more of the same. that is why it's not a very good idea to mindlessly watch or read the news or even tv itself too often, as what is considered newsworthy are violence, poverty, the basest of human character... still wonder why we seem to be getting more of the same?)

i haven't found too many sources yet, too, on letting go, allowing and accepting, on staying in proper thankful and affirming Receiver Mode, although almost all touch on the power of Gratitude to quickly get one's self into that mode. we have been conditioned too much in focusing on what doesn't work, what's "bad", what should be fixed, that we forget about what does work, what's good, what is already alright and just needs to be appreciated and enjoyed.

we have also been conditioned too much in the precepts of hard work, overwork, action, activity, to get things done, that the concept of simply relaxing into Trust and letting go and preparing our selves to receive is mind-boggling and revolutionary for our times! i found wallace wattles' chapters on "Right Action" very enlightening and enriching, and fred gratzon's "The Lazy Way to Success" is something i'm enjoying right now. : )

so, it's a big wide world out there, with as many teachers, guides, gurus as there are many confused and lost and miserable people wanting their lives to be better.

but, in the end, as with all things, it still comes down to you and your self-- what speaks to you, what touches you, what stimulates your growth and expansion and coming into more fullness. i think that's what was discussed in The Celestine Prophecy... what has "incandescence" for you is what is for you.

and to each one of us, to his or her own incandescence.

may we all find our Peace, and many blessings to us all!

Update, 2

this is my 28th day now, and it's been like 11 days since i was able to properly and successfully combine both creative visualization (using the 3-screens technique) and relaxed concentration with my guided Silva meditation audio.

by my 8th Silva meditation middle of last week, i was able to do the combining, and i went deeper and my visualizations became more vivid and concrete straight through to my 9th and 10th sessions.

since then, i have gone back to more actively working on my To Dos now, too, although, this time, I more consciously take care to be good and kind to my self, and not bash my self with guilt-tripping from things left undone.

first, i would just simply reschedule them in my monthly planner, but seeing all the so many penciled arrows pointing to the rescheduled tasks got me, bogged me down, so now i simply erase what was left undone for today and write them again on the rescheduled date. that makes me feel lighter, more successful at what i do, seeing only check marks for all the things listed today, and less burdened by the weight of the guilt of unfinished To Dos, because there is none on the planner at all, as they are all erased anyway, and set to another date as like a fresh To Do. : ) this is fun playing tricks with my own mind and ego. : ) anything to take better care of my self now!


my main learning and insight in doing this 30-day experiment seriously is that it is not so much for actually manifesting all that i Intend in 30 days ( i know enough now that it is ours to ask and prepare our selves to receive, but it is the Univere's to bring it to us in Its own Time, when all the conditions are right, even as it does all It can to bring them to us... that's why our cooperation in staying clear and in joy, fully trusting, allowing and preparing to receive is most crucial, too!), but in beginning to grow into one's spiritual powers and connecting to the Divine Source.

the exercises in working through the blocks and obstacles of self-doubt, anxiety and fear inside, cleansing and clarifying one's self and coming through clearer and more connected to one's Core, harnessing one's willpower to focus only on one's Intents, and working with one's mind in a more mindful, attentive and caring away at last, are actually worth more than the manifestation of all Intentions, because if one can master these, any and all Intentions can quickly manifest!

ohh, my Intentions are still there, of course. i have not forgotten about them. in fact, they have only become clearer to me (and my will more intent on them)--- yes, this is a good exercise, too, for knowing what one really truly desires because if you can stick to your intentions still with faith and joy and expectation, despite the bumps and struggles of working through the blocks, then the Intentions must be real, coming from the heart and soul.

i am still even curious and expectant of what the Universe will bring to me by the 30th day, which is only 2 days away, although i have also become aware of the so many signs along the way of my Intentions beginning to manifest. ( i have 4 Intentions; 1 and 4 seem quicker in manifesting physically, 2 and 3 are taking time but i am growing in visualizing them more in detail too.)

i have decided that i will continue with my meditations and Intentions setting and Manifesting exercises now, way beyond the 30 days allotted for this experiment, and even for life.

i am leaving an old world behind now, and coming into a better, newer, finer and happier world.

i am coming home, at last.


i am noticing that i need to have a 1-2 day gap or downtime after each Silva meditation i do, to more fully integrate the effects of meditation on my system. i get so high and so infused with energies that if i do another meditation the next day, i actually become breathless and dizzy!

but by the 3rd or 4th day, if i haven't done my meditations again yet, i also feel the world starting to get to me again with its pettiness and negativity.

i think and i understand now that this is just a natural process as one tries to balance one's energies; those in homeopathic medicine call it a healing crisis (you get worse before you get better, because what seems worse is actually just all the toxins coming out at last), but i also hope to more regularly practice my meditations to amplify and further finetune my energies, by doing my meditations right after waking up at dawn, daily.


i am excited about the growing number of Manifesting articles i have bookmarked and e-books i have downloaded from soo many different sources which call out to me with a quickening in my heart.

i have bookmarked them and saved them for more serious study, by the time i turn 38 in a few days, when i have finished all (or most) of my To Dos (i won't call them backlogs anymore), and cleared my time, space and energies up for this.

it started with physical spring cleaning last Christmas, then inbox spring cleaning, and now, mental and psychic spring cleaning too, as i finish unfinished business, at last.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

sister, again

i went there again today just to see how she's doing... and to sample a new buffet of vegan food, too (as a regularly paying customer, of course).

but before that, i used her text message to me of the detailed menu for today to forward to all the Bacolod-based people in my cellphone book again.

wowwww... was i pleasantly surprised when i went in at 1pm after my exams.

the place was comfortably full! and i saw at leazt 5 faces of people i texted earlier already there, going for their seconds or thirds! : D

when i went to the buffet table, the serving dishes were almost empty; i had just arrived in time to get my fill too.

my sister was surprised at the turnout too, and she asked me what i did.

i had to run her through all the 4 basic steps quickly-- know what you want, get clear, stay in joy and let go-- that i've learned for my self so far, after a lot of readings and researches on my own since middle of last year. : )

well, quickly, because people kept wanting her to ask her about things, and her phone never stopped ringing too!

woowwwww.... this manifesting stuff never fails to amaze me still every time it works.

hmmm... i know i ought to be checking on my own manifestations... but i know too that once one has let go, to never keep checking to see how it's going. that's like rushing a flower to bloom, pestering and interfering, instead of truly letting go....

no, i won't check. : )

it will come.

they will come, i mean.

today is one more proof of that certainty.

thank you God!!!


sister asked me to manifest for a really big commercial cake and vegetable chiller this time.

her wish is my command. (wink, wink! ;> )

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


im doing great these days (an update on that later), but my sister is not.

i visited her at their newly-opened cafe today, to be one of their first customers. i was all excited and upbeat, even texting friends in my cellphone book who happen to be based in our city and announcing to them her daily lunch buffet of vegan treats for only P90.00, eat all you can!

she sat at my table, with the kids, but she was picking on her food and eating listlessly. well, there were not many customers yet, actually just me and her mother-in-law, but my thinking was-- what do you expect from a first day opertion? she smiled at me when i grew all excited about where we could place flyers-- mainly i told her it should be in allied businesses dealing with health: gyms, beauty parlors, spas, even doctors' clinics and hospital waiting rooms, and, come Lent, outside churches too! she says she should hire me as marketing consultant; i said ive already hired my self for her, for free. : )

but she still seemed wan and sad.

i couldn't delve into more with her, with the young kids around.

but i just decided-- id include her in my meditations and affirmations, too, visualizing people getting out of their cars and excitedly flocking to her cafe and scraping the buffet trays clean, while she and her husband happily and busily run around attending to customers, along with their staff, and the cash register keeps on ringing happily!!! : D

ive turned my life around mainly with this little secret...

i think it's time to more consciously spread the magic around. : ) : ) : )

God bless my sister and her husband and their kids and their new cafe!!!