Tuesday, December 20, 2005

counting my blessings

i have learned not so long ago to more consciously count my blessings, not only to maintain peace of mind and an abiding consciousness of abundance and prosperity, but more to ward off negativity and pessimism.

so today, here are the blessings i counted--

-- sweet private time alone in the morning watching a very nice film, "Punch Drunk Love", undisturbed by the little ones as they were still sound asleep;

-- later in the morning, the sound of the little ones' uncontrollable giggling and peals of laughter as they played together in the living room;

-- the computer shop's telling me i needn't pay for the recent repairs anymore as they treated it as a back job and a christmas treat for me!;

-- a fellow writer-friend's texting me to let me know my book and i are featured in a national magazine and in a most favorable light at that : D;

-- recalling the fun my brother and sister and i had with our children yesterday during the photo shoot, as i collected the pictures later this afternoon, and gazed at the pictures again, and sorted out which ones i'll be sending to mama tomorrow, and which ones to give to each of the families; feeling rich and abundant treating my siblings and i and our parents to this precious memorabilia of a rare happy time together;

-- my favorite chicken ala king and carbonara dinner, and the kids' favorite pizza, which i bought on take-out tonight just before returning home;

-- being able to work on my pc again;

-- a most productive day today and relaxing evening tonight, despite a little upset when i got home (the car horn didnt work, so i had to holler to the maid to open the gate... : ( that shook my poise, and i was already tired and cranky, so i stepped inside venting my crankiness... blush, blush!)

--simply being alive to be able to still count my blessings and even write about my upsets right now.

blessed be, blessed me!!!
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