Friday, December 16, 2005

hello, magic

i already have five blogs elsewhere--

one for everyday life's happenings,
another for my journey as a woman,
still another for my soul's darker, deeper journeys,
then another for my journey as a writer,
and finally another to capture bits and pieces of all these happenings and journeys.

one would think i already have enough to keep me occupied, and then, still, here comes this sixth blog.

somehow, i am finding out that blogs create their own offspring when the right time comes. i have been trying to write these days on my personal experiments and adventures in finally more consciously and with full intent harnessing the powers of my mind... but, they don't seem to belong anymore to any of the above-mentioned blogs.

somehow, i am feeling that writing about them there would lessen their impact, and would even make them be misinterpreted and misunderstood.

another thing, too, is that i already have some sort of a loyal "following" among family, friends, loved ones and even newfound blogger friends in those other blogs, and i feel a bit constrained about what i am going to write about, because some part of me is anxious that they might think i might have gone over my deep end... : S

these are just experiments, and i want to be unfettered and free as i embark on this new (well, not really so new... ive been doing them for most of my life, though undocumented) adventure!
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