Monday, December 26, 2005

Desire List 2006-08 a.k.a. Targets by Age 40

1. keep my self healthy, fit, well-toned, beautiful : ) -- eat right, drink right, live and breathe right, continue taking good care of my self and loving and nurturing my self well

2. continued healthy, happy, harmonious and loving relationships with my children, family, friends old and new, colleagues and the community i am in, wherever i am

3. visit mama by april-may 2006

4. be with J

5. update mortgage arrears by 2006

6. update land tax arrears by 2006

7. pay off the last of the credit card debts

8. pay off mortgage

9. financial and economic independence with multiple income streams, with my money working for me now instead of me working for my money; money flowing to me effortlessly from doing work i love to do and bringing value to people's lives and to the world in general

10. a beautiful two-storey, five-bedroom Filipino-Spanish home with a flower garden in front, an herb garden at the sides, and a vegetable garden at the back, in a nice, decent, friendly neighborhood like ours, or better

11. a bright red sports utility vehicle like the Toyota Innova, or better

12. a lemon-yellow convertible, like the Volks, or better

13. a lifelong career working from home writing stories for international publication, speaking/teaching at seminar circuits/lectures, travelling, doing international business from the net; a life's work promoting the power of the human spirit, cultural beauty and diversity, international understanding, peace and development

14. a vacation cottage by the sea, lake or river, with lush greenery and fauna and flora all around

15. writing stories that touch peoples' lives all over and that live on in people's minds, hearts and souls long after i do
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