Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Update on My 30-Day Experiment

i am learning that the 30 days is more a test on ourselves rather than the Universe.

im on my 11th day now, and feeling so low and self-doubting, but a free ezine i subscribe to tackled this very same topic, "The Power of 30 Days". it reminds one that it takes at least 21 days to change a habit, and what we're doing here is actually just changing our thought habits, from free and unmoderated mindlessness by just letting our thoughts wander as it has been conditioned to, to more conscious, more focused, more creative and more powerful mindfulness, which is learning how to gently draw our thoughts back to our Intentions, our focus.

when i started on the 30-day experiment, i actually thought that it would be one long blissful plateau of just more and more bliss, just focusing on my Intentions and staying in gratitude and joy. oh boy, was i in for a surprise!!!

so that's why im saying now that it's a test on ourselves rather than the Universe. the Universe has always been there and operates on these natural laws, regardless of anything else. it seeks more life and abundance, as its nature is. it will give us what we seek ("to have life, and to have it more abundantly!"), it WANTS to give us what we seek, but it can only give to us based on the thoughts we more powerfully impress upon it.

i was struck by an analogy earlier, while purchasing french fries at the mall. i gave my payment to the fries girl, saying i'll be back after i buy some groceries to pick up my fries, as she's still frying them anyway. i FULLY TRUSTED WITHOUT QUESTION that when i came back i'll have my fries.

doesnt that work similarly with the Universe too? our payment is our focused thoughts, and we give the Universe time to "fry"/manifest our desires, fully trusting that when it's ready and when we're ready, it'll be there, no doubts about it!

imagine what would happen if, after ive made my payment to the fries girl, i go back and tell her that im having doubts that she'll be able to fry my fries, should i take my payment back, or should i go for it? blah, blah and blah. the whole time i spent dilly-dallying and doubting should have already been the whole time my fries were being cooked and served to me!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

beware of what you wish for

i only sought out to learn to "get clear" and "stay in joy"... but look what i have been led to instead--

a major excavation of the soul.

i just trust that if getting clear entails going this torturously deep, then the next phase, staying in joy, will be to wondrous depths and heights too.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Vibes and Miracles

i just got this from a subscription newsletter today and thought i'd like to post it here, for quick and easy reminders. the author is not me but just happens to be my namesake, minus one letter "n". i placed a link to her website on her name. : )

10 Ways to Kink Your Vibe 
by Jeannette Maw

An aligned vibration is essential to getting what you want in life.
Many aren’t aware of their vibration or the role it plays in creating
life experiences. An out-of-alignment vibration keeps people in a rut and
prevents dreams, miracles, and other good things from happening. Here
are ten ways you may be sabotaging your vibration:

1. Worrisome thoughts – Anxious, concerned, and fearful thoughts
disconnect you from source energy, bringing you closer to the things you
don’t want in life. Habitual negative thinking is the primary culprit for
a polluted vibration.

2. Doing what you “have to” – Doing things you don’t want to do, either
out of obligation or because you believe you “have to,” creates
resistance and other disturbances in your energy.

3. Eating “right” and eating emotionally – Basing food choices on what
you’ve been told is healthy may or may not be. If you don’t enjoy
eating it, it’s not good for you or your vibration. Similarly, impulsive
or subconscious eating (to quell difficult emotions) is also bad for
your vibration.

4. Playing the martyr – Withholding good things from yourself and
refraining from enjoyment of life is another way to cut off your connection
to source energy and kink the vibe.

5. Tolerating others – The act of tolerating anything is a drain on
your energy, especially when it’s people you’d rather not be around.

6. Isolating yourself from nature – Your connection to source wilts
when you sequester yourself from nature. Uninterrupted exposure to
concrete, artificial lighting, stale air, etc. doesn’t allow for energetic

7. Being hard on yourself – Feeling guilty, embarrassed, disappointed
or angry with yourself is a sure-fire way to contaminate your vibration.
Negative emotions directed inward are toxic to healthy personal energy.

8. Being a news/TV junkie – Exposing yourself to the standard negative
news and social gossip takes a strong toll on the vibration. Many
popular TV shows also assail energy with regular violence and sarcasm.

9. Harboring resentment – Continual feelings of resentment toward a
situation, person or group kinks up the vibe over time. That includes
parents, bosses, religious groups, foreign countries, etc.

10. Disorganized physical space – A chaotic environment subtly but
relentlessly chisels away at a healthy vibration. Spending time in an
atmosphere that doesn’t feel good will deplete your energy over time,
affecting your vibration as well.


10 Tips to Manifest a Miracle
by Jeannette Maw

Those familiar with the Law of Attraction know how straightforward the
deliberate creation process is: like attracts like, so get in
vibrational harmony with what you want, and let it in. Seems simple. Yet
virtually everyone who practices it runs into hiccups. Here are ten tips to
manifest a miracle:

1. Focus on what you want - get crystal clear on what you want.
Picture the end result you desire. Imagine it in as much detail as possible.
Write about it, fantasize about it, talk about it.

2. Amp up the believability - the two factors in getting what we want
depend on the wanting of it and the believing we can have it. Amp up
the believability by reviewing all the reasons you believe you’ll get
what you want.

3. Feel it now - find ways to introduce this desire to real life now.
(Shop for the new suit for your dream job; get a new pillow for your
soon to be new partner.) Imagine in as much detail as feels good having
this desire manifested in your life now.

4. Reveal limiting beliefs - look deep within to reveal limiting
beliefs that may be holding you back from manifesting your desire. Just
becoming aware of limiting beliefs helps reduce their power.

5. Know it’s yours - don’t wonder if you’ll ever get what you’re asking
for; know it is yours simply because you chose it. You are a master
creator capable of being, doing, or having whatever you desire.

6. Listen to your intuition - pay attention to your hunches, gut
feelings, and intuition. They will guide you to the manifesting of your

7. Take inspired action - follow up on those intuitive hits by taking
inspired action. Do what feels good!

8. Feel good - be deliberate about maintaining a high vibration. That
means taking steps to feel good, day in and day out.

9. Be persistent - don’t give up! You can have whatever you choose, so
it’s just a matter of time until this miracle is yours.

10. Release your attachment - reduce resistance and increase allowing
by releasing your attachment to the outcome. Go with the flow, knowing
all unfolds perfectly.

as you probably can tell, now, im on a binge of signing up for free Manifesting
subscription newsletters and e-courses lately!!!

well, i'm making up for lost time. : )

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Left to Right to Let Go

the mind never ceases to amaze me with its powers!

i am subscribed to this manifesting portal forum, and a few minutes ago, i posted a question about tips on letting go. two members immediately posted about the power of Gratitude, and i said yes, it works quickly for me too, but any other tips on letting go?

after i logged off and went to the bedroom to unwind, while contemplating my Intentions 2006 list, which i posted on the closet door next to my bed (so i could look at it even while i was lying down), i received the answer to my own question.

while closing my eyes and meditating on my Intentions, it just suddenly came to me that i do it the Silva way (im a Silva graduate, batch 1991).

and the Silva way goes like this:

1. close your eyes and settle down
2. with eyes closed imagine a blank screen 20 degrees up and in front of you (Silva experiments have shown how that seems to automatically bring people to their meditative or alpha level).
3. on that blank screen, imagine a new screen sliding in from the left. project onto this screen your intention. visualize it as vividly as you can and in full sensory detail as much as you can. feel the feelings of how it would feel like to already have it in your life. soak in that vision and feelings.
4. once you are totally soaked and satisfied, simply move the screen to the right as exit, and thank God/ the Universe for your intention coming your way now.

that's it.

the Silva explanation is that when asked a question they don't promptly know the answer to, people tend to look upwards to their right if they're trying to recall the answer from memory (the past), while if they really don't know the answer and are scrounging around for whatever answers are out there, they tend to look upwards to their left (the future). (nice tip to know if somebody's sincerely just trying to remember something or bluffing! : > but remember, if you're facing them, their left would be your right, and vice versa.)

anyway, another principle in manifesting is things come to you when you don't need them. : ) you desire them, but you don't need them, don't feel attached to them. once you feel the attachment, they go away. so the trick is in playful desiring, to desire them but to not really care if they come true or not. and the only way to do that is to make your subconscious mind believe that it has already happened! (if something has already happened, come to you, how can you still be anxious about whether it will come or not?)

so that's why you move your mental screen from the future (entrance left) to the past (exit right).

: ) makes sense?

anyway, ive got to go and work on my left to right mental screens now. : )

many blessings, and expect miracles!

Friday, January 20, 2006

The Proper Use of Will

oohhhh, i am sooo excited about this, because i finally truly understand this from my own experience at last!

i am now on chapter 9 of the free e-book, in using one's will the right way (which is not over others or external factors or God -- how can you force God to give you your Good when that is all that God desires? : >), and this is tooo good not to share here:

Use your mind to form a mental image of what you want and
to hold that vision with faith and purpose. And use your will to
keep your mind working in the right way.

The more steady and continuous your faith and purpose, the
more rapidly you will get rich because you will make only POSITIVE
impressions upon substance, and you will not neutralize
or offset them by negative impressions.

The picture of your desires, held with faith and purpose, is
taken up by the formless, and permeates it to great distances —
throughout the universe, for all we know.

As this impression spreads, all things are set moving toward its
realization. Every living thing, every inanimate thing, and the things
yet uncreated are stirred toward bringing into being that which
you want. All force begins to be exerted in that direction. All things
begin to move toward you. The minds of people everywhere are
influenced toward doing the things necessary to the fulfilling of
your desires, and they work for you, unconsciously.

But you can check all this by starting a negative impression in
the formless substance. Doubt or unbelief is as certain to start a
movement away from you as faith and purpose are to start one
toward you. It is by not understanding this that most people
make their failure. Every hour and moment you spend in giving
heed to doubts and fears, every hour you spend in worry,
every hour in which your soul is possessed by unbelief, sets a
current away from you in the whole domain of intelligent substance.
All the promises are unto them that believe, and unto
them only.

Since belief is all important, it behooves you to guard your
thoughts, and as your beliefs will be shaped to a very great extent
by the things you observe and think about, it is important
that you should carefully govern to what you give your attention.
And here the will comes into use, for it is by your will that
you determine upon what things your attention shall be fixed.
If you want to become rich, you must not make a study of

Things are not brought into being by thinking about their
opposites. Health is never to be attained by studying disease
and thinking about disease; righteousness is not to be promoted
by studying sin and thinking about sin; and no one ever got rich
by studying poverty and thinking about poverty.

Do not talk about poverty, do not investigate it, or concern
yourself with it. Never mind what its causes are; you have nothing
to do with them.

What concerns you is the cure.

Do not spend your time in so-called charitable work or charity
movements; most charity only tends to perpetuate the wretchedness
it aims to eradicate. I do not say that you should be hardhearted
or unkind and refuse to hear the cry of need, but you
must not try to eradicate poverty in any of the conventional ways.
Put poverty behind you, and put all that pertains to it behind
you, and “make good.”

Get rich. That is the best way you can help the poor.

And you cannot hold the mental image which is to make you
rich if you fill your mind with pictures of poverty and all its
attendant ills. Do not read books or papers which give circumstantial
accounts of the wretchedness of the tenement dwellers,
of the horrors of child labor, and so on. Do not read anything
which fills your mind with gloomy images of want and suffering.
You cannot help the poor in the least by knowing about these
things, and the widespread knowledge of them does not tend at
all to do away with poverty.

What tends to do away with poverty is not the getting of pictures
of poverty into your mind, but getting pictures of wealth,
abundance, and possibility into the minds of the poor.

You are not deserting the poor in their misery when you refuse
to allow your mind to be filled with pictures of that misery.
Poverty can be done away with, not by increasing the number
of well-to-do people who think about poverty, but by increasing
the number of poor people who purpose with faith to get rich.

The poor do not need charity; they need inspiration. Charity
only sends them a loaf of bread to keep them alive in their wretchedness,
or gives them an entertainment to make them forget for
an hour or two. But inspiration can cause them to rise out of
their misery.

If you want to help the poor, demonstrate to them
that they can become rich. Prove it by getting rich yourself.
The only way in which poverty will ever be banished from
this world is by getting a large and constantly increasing number
of people to practice the teachings of this book.

People must be taught to become rich by creation, not by competition.


Growing Into One's Good

im rereading (and taking handwritten notes, this time) --and hope to finally finish-- the free e-book i downloaded from the SOBR website last aug. 2, 2005 yet, Wallace Wattles' The Science of Being Rich.

it has 17 chapters in all, excluding the 4 appendixes, but i remember i only got to around chapter 13 last time, with the contents of only up to chapter 7 sinking in. chapter 7, i loved--it was about Gratitude as a quick and painless way to "get right" with the Universe/God all at once, and i've been doing it already so it was a breeze.

i remember hitting the road and running on full steam for the first 6 chapters, reading about things which opened my mind further to new possibilities and fresh truths, climaxing at chapter 7, but mainly coasting, and then faltering in the next chapters afterwards.

i remember being soo full of the ideas of everyone of us deserving to be rich, that it is great (and not a sin at all!) to be rich because then we have life more abundantly not only for us but for others too, of an infinite and abundant supply in the Universe (as opposed to the scarcity mentality we've been programmed with; i should know-- i majored in Economics!), of asking largely because it would make God/the Universe sooo happy to bring us what we want.

i was sooo full of these "new" ideas that i must have gotten indigestion, because i remember too, feeling heady-kind-of-drunk afterwards, sleepy and lethargic... and i needed to decompress and "get back to normal life" by taking time off from continued reading of the book, to let the ideas sink in even as i needed to let old, error ideas go.

i've grown in many ways since then, and my mind can now matter-of-factly accept the "new" ideas as part of me now; reading through the first 6 chapters did not mentally and psychically shock me as they did before. and, as i read them again, i see now the similarity of the principles espoused in this e-book to the recent book ive just finished, as well as many other articles ive been referencing lately. i guess this is what you'd call getting the hang of it, getting it all together now.

so im learning that it is necessary to open one's self up to grow into one's Good, too, that it's an active, dynamic thing, this using more of the powers of one's mind thing. you can't just study and absorb a lot of information and get it; it is not "magic" in that way, the way we've been accustomed to studying formally.

you have to take and digest the ideas little by little, and grow into them and through them, too, before you can access and find meaning in the next set or level of ideas. some ideas are easy, they feel like old friends. some ideas shock, and you have to do a lot of soul-searching and soul-asking, on whether they ring true for you or not. in the end, you come up with your own digest of the ideas you've absorbed, as well as your experiences so far in testing these ideas in your own "reality".

but im feeling great, all in all. i can sense my self growing and expanding and blossoming in so many meaningful and rich ways. you can always tell if ideas (or relationships, or work...) are right for you this way, thus far i've learned-- on whether you feel enlarged from having them or not.

i read a quote in some article testimonial i came across lately, and it struck me as true for how i am now too:

If this is all brainwashing, then I want my brain to be washed this way!!!

: )

Thursday, January 19, 2006

5 a.m. Thoughts

i am jolted awake at 5 a.m., so i get up and walk around the house opening windows and peering out to see if the sun has come up. it hasn't.

my first thought that im aware of is that i'll do my walking on the tracks around the school football field after i bring the kids to school, so i better change into my walking outfit when i drive them to school.

next i sit down at the pc, and open my "Intention 3" file on the desktop. it's part of my Maintaining my Focus and Staying in the Feeling exercise that i've started to do after ive finished The Attractor Factor; it's a 30-day challenge set by its author to try, a documented experiment for me.

anyway, Intention 3 has to do with money (of course!) : ) but i will not elaborate on it here. for this 30-day experiment, im writing down my detailed "What I Desire" (Intend) and what's happening day-to-day in my going through the 5 steps of The Attractor Factor in my handwritten journal. for really really deep things, handwriting works best for me to get things out.

anyway, contemplating my Intention 3, i google search-- what can 100 million dollars buy? And then, a little later, what would it take to eradicate poverty?

i am wide awake now at what i've just learned--

it took 100 million dollars for Batman Begins' marketing.
it took 100 million dollars in a recent US aid to Colombia for counterterrorism.
it would take "$60 billion, once and for all", to eradicate poverty. that means only 600 more movie hype budgets or Colombian counterterrorism budgets, or a mix of both, to eradicate global poverty. in UN terms, that means only 0.7% of the gross national income of each of the 22 developed nations' budgets set aside for international assistance. this target was set by the UN 35 years ago but still hasn't been reached today, though. explains that ending poverty would even have a multiplier effect:

What would ending poverty do for us? Many things.

Ending poverty would provide rich soil in which development, even leapfrogging could take root. It would reduce global tensions, helping to fight terrorism and minimize conflict. It would take pressure off the environment, helping us respond better to biodiversity loss and climate change. In every imaginable way, progress will be made easier if more than a billion of us are not struggling for survival.

and i thought 100 million dollars was already way too much, way too big to Intend! : ) : ) : )

(wink, wink!)

why would i limit what the Universe wants to give?

heehee. this is fun. now im back "in the Feeling" again.


P.S. interesting not-so-fun fact : ( --

World military expenditures topped $839 billion in 2001, up from $798 billion in 2000. The United States government's military spending accounts for 36% of that amount, which does not reflect increases in spending following September 11

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

letting go

i've finally finished The Attractor Factor days ago, but i needed time to process it all and come up with my internalized understandings and meanings.

that was the last step, the one chapter i put off reading for almost 3 weeks now. i tried to convince my self that i was just busying my self with practicing on steps 3 (Getting Clear) and 4 (Staying in the Feeling) -- well, i did, too!-- but deep down, i guess i sort of dreaded the last step, Letting Go.

dread, because after you let go, then what?

for someone like me used to producing at maximum performance and even over-capacity, the idea of just relaxing into... nothing.... now, that IS scary!!!

well, when i finally opened the chapter on this last step, i smiled to my self sheepishly. because right there, in the first 5 paragraphs of the chapter, author Joe Vitale addressed people's fears and struggle with letting go, this notion people have that if one is not struggling or exerting tremendous effort to work towards achieving something, one is not being good enough, not doing it right, not deserving of whatever may be achieved!!! : )

(blush, blush! that sure sounds like me!!!)

well, anyway, Mr. Vitale then gently explained about what "letting go" in the ways of Creation really mean--

1. it means letting go of anxieties, doubts, fears, any negative thought or feeling that gets you down or lowers your energy frequencies (not Staying in the Feeling and not Getting Clear, so actually, going back 2 steps backwards);

2. it also means letting go, trusting the process but NOT doing nothing at all, instead watching alertly and waiting relaxingly and listening sensitively for the Universe's gentle "nudges" as to what action to take next, even if it may sound and look silly, irrational, offbeat, kooky (the Creative is precisely creative because it doesn't work linearly or can be defined in a box).

his point is (actually, other Manifesting writers' points, too; in the process of finishing The Attractor Factor, i checked the ideas out against other writings, e-books and articles... that's the researcher in me acting up!) , it is precisely at this time that the Universe is working on getting you what you want closer to you, or getting you closer to what you want, and you must submit, cooperate, in the process.

the way i understand it now that also surprisingly feels comfortable with my ego's need to feel "in control"-- there is an Infinite, Universal Mind that we are mainly connected to through our subconscious, and there is our Conscious Mind, whether personal or collective, that we connect to through our rational, logical, left-brain mind.

now, our Conscious Mind can only fathom and figure out what has already manifested, or what is "manifestable" in the realm of logic, and works best in the Building and Maintaining Mode of what has already manifested.

our link to the Universal Mind, is our link to our powers of Creation.

Mr. Vitale expresses it as Self 1 (Conscious Mind) and Self 2 (Universal Mind) living inside ourselves simultaneously.

Self 1's job is to know what it wants for you.
Self 2's job is to bring you what you want.

so letting go basically means just staying focused on what you want, infusing and amplifying it with positive energies by constantly Getting Clear and Staying in the Feeling, and letting Universal Mind bring it to you by following its nudges.

our job is to know what we want.
letting go means letting go of figuring out "how" we will get what we want.

do not limit Universal Mind by also interfering in (worrying about, getting anxious about, etc.) the "how".

that is all.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

this lovely moment

the kids are in school and i am alone in the house, but happily chatting with J.
the birds chirp outside, while a cool breeze leads the curtains on a slow gentle dance.
a pressure is building up, from that other part of me which keeps reminding me of the many To Dos i have yet to do...
but i keep it at bay and ignore it.
it is only one little part of me.
the rest of me is relishing this delicious, lovely moment alone.
there will be time enough for To Dos again later, but right now--
Right Now:

this is my bliss.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Scientific Explanation for the Struggle in "Getting Clear"

From Rebecca Fine's interview with Stuart Lichtman:

Stuart first shared some of his personal background. Frankly,
the guy is brilliant and fascinating. For example, he's the only
person ever to have studied ALL areas of engineering at The
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Then he talked a
little about the 18 years he spent developing a reliable model
of how the human mind really works ...

STUART: No one had done that before. The system worked extremely
well. We could model and predict things economically -- market
behavior and so on -- at a frighteningly accurate level. And
when the politicians started coming around saying, "Hey, that'd
be neat for voter analysis," I said, "No way." I destroyed the
system. It was kind of "1984."

When you model people effectively enough you find a few things.
A, that there are basically 12 unconscious personality types
that are invariant around the world. It doesn't matter what
country you go into, you find those same personality types and
no others.

And, B, the difference between cultures is primarily the
percentage of each type ...

Normally people have a war going on inside of them. Remember the
old torture that the English and French used? They'd take
someone who'd transgressed and they'd tie a stallion to each of
the arms and each of the legs, and then they'd take a whip and
get these horses going in different directions.

Well, most people have an analagous thing going on inside them,
except it isn't horses. It's parts of the brain.

There are four primary parts of the brain, and most people have
heard of the left brain and the right brain. It's really the
left and right neo-cortex, and there's the mid-brain and the

The left brain is a verbal, logical system. It processes
information and communication that way. It's where languages,
it's where what we call consciousness lies. Consciousness is a
verbal construct.

The right brain deals with patterns, psychic, rhythm, memory,
part of the intuition ...

The midbrain deals with emotion. It's really critical. If the
mid-brain emotional center isn't working, you will never be able
to create a new memory. It supplies the energy for creating
memories and otherwise anchoring things in the brain.

The brainstem deals with physical stimulus and response. It's
the part that learns to drive a car so now you do that pretty
automatically, or to hit a tennis ball when you swing.

What makes life possible in this very complex world is that we
have a lot of processes working automatically. However, each of
these different parts of the brain has a different approach and
what might be called a different language.

So when you say or write down an objective like "I want to lose
weight," your left brain -- ordinary consciousness -- gets that.
However, that isn't expressed in rhythm, pattern, or any of
those aspects of the right brain, nor is it expressed in
physical stimulus response. So the other three parts of the
brain work on old habits, unchanged habits, while consciously
you're trying to CHANGE things.

Guess who wins? It's three to one!

So in the example of going on a diet and setting a new year's
resolution, what happens is you set a new year's resolution, you
get to the table, some luscious food comes around, you smell it,
and all of these unconscious factors in the other parts of the
brain go into action.

For example, there's a pattern. You sit down, food comes along,
and you take it and eat it. That's embedded in the right brain.
There's a pattern that comes along -- somebody hands you a
platter of meat or potatoes and you take it and put it on YOUR

There's an emotional thing, which is that food is, eating is a
very satisfying emotional experience, as most people know from
experience. And when you don't, you get a real strong emotional

So the old habits are to eat. Guess what happens? You sit down,
maybe by force of will at dinner tonight you eat only a piece of
celery, a glass of tomato juice, and a grapefruit while
everybody else is having steaks, potatoes, veggies, dessert, and
so forth.

About 11 o'clock you empty the refrigerator and pig out.

Truth of the matter is, unless you change ALL four parts of the
brain, get them all focused on the objective, you will, in fact
almost always ... you'll try and fail.

Trying is a conscious word. Failing is a result.

Make sense?

REBECCA: Makes sense to me. In fact, it makes most of the goal-
setting systems that we've been taught over the years seem
almost cruel -- teaching us to fail.

STUART: Yeah, in fact that's true. It starts earlier than that,
Rebecca. This is the cruel part of it.

Imagine you have a little child. Now, think for a minute of an
infant growing up. When a child is born, they can't see, they
can't hear, they can't stand up, they can't use their body, and
so on.

They teach themselves all of that. For example, standing up.
Just how magnificent an achievement that is will become quickly
evident as you think about what it is like learning to ride a
bike or ski. Ever done that?

REBECCA: Umm hmm.

STUART: OK. Remember how much effort it took to do that?

REBECCA: (Laughing)

STUART: Yeah, OK. Yet that is a tiny variation on the basic
skill of balancing upright. Learning to balance upright is a
magnificent achievement. Kids teach that to themselves. Learning
to differentiate the millions of random visual inputs that come
in through millions of visual nerves to this complex processing
system in the brain and associate them with things ...

Kid says "I want to do that," and a parent, teacher, or sibling
says, "You can't. You haven't learned how."

Guess what's listening? The unconscious. The most profound test
of the unconscious is your survival, and when you're an infant,
that is intimately associated with the approval and direction of
your parents. The parents become unconscious gods, the voices of
the gods, and that's where things start going wrong.

All of this terrible negative learning. Most of what we do that
is effective in life we figured out for ourself. How much do you
remember from college?

So these things manifest as habit patterns in the unconscious
like a voice that says, "You can't do this unless you get
permission from a superior figure." Or, "You can't do this until
you get big." Or, "That's going to confuse you." That becomes an

So people have many unconscious, self-defeating habit patterns
-- I call them blockers -- that work automatically ...

REBECCA: You're showing us how to combat the blockers that keeps
us from being able to do what we want to do. You're showing us
how to take things from the past where we have actually
succeeded and sort of transpose that into the situation so that
we can attach to success rather than to failure.

STUART: That's right... The unconscious is what I call
"plastic." It's very cooperative in changing if you know how to
do it.

And it doesn't differentiate the way we consciously do -- let me
give you an example. Think about anything that you feel you were
successful at, whether it's baking a cake, watering your plants,
winning $10 million -- anything at all.

Now you notice what the feeling of success is? It has nothing to
do with the exterior, does it? ...

You know what I mean by the feeling of success? Let me give you
the opposite. I know lots of multimillionaires and
multibillionaires and they do things that have lots of zeros
after them and usually when they get them done and I say, "You
feel any success in that?" they say, "Nah, you know. I feel kind
of let down and tired."

You take a kid who just learned to ride a bicycle and you say,
"Do you feel successful?" and they say, "WOW! Woo!" and they run
on because inside of them they have a feeling of being

Now this feeling of being successful is transferrable to
anything as an instruction to your unconscious: Do it again --
but in a different context.

That's one of the keys. There are three parts of the process ...

First we create a vision that's harmoniously held by all parts
of the brain. Then we prioritize that vision to KEEP the focus.

Now that's analagous to an autopilot in an airplane. The pilot
sets the autopilot for a destination. That would be step one.
Step two, the pilot ENGAGES the autopilot -- turns it on so it
takes control of the plane. Now the autopilot will head
unerringly, with small variations, for that destination.

However, if the autopilot is set for an altitude of 10,000 feet
and you're flying from NY to Los Angeles, you've got a problem.

It's called the Rockies.

In a similar fashion, 'the Rockies' in people's unconscious are
these unconscious, self-defeating habit patterns. You run into
them and you stop.

So the third part of the process is not to defeat those habit
patterns but to resolve them in a way where the energy that
previously went into blocking you goes into supporting you.

And it is possible to change essentially ANY unconscious habit
pattern in less than an hour, permanently and relatively easily.

REBECCA: Less than an hour. Now, if I hadn't already read your
book and begun using these processes, that would just sound
outrageous to me.

STUART: Yeah, well, the good things are easy. The truth of the
matter is that when you address the unconscious appropriately,
you get total cooperation. And if you set it up the way we do
... it can look miraculous -- only because the way of
consciously trying to FORCE things is so ineffective, anything
in contrast to that will look miraculous ...

It is, in fact, not miraculous. It's the way we're SUPPOSED to
work, as far as I can tell.

I'm basically teaching people to go back to the marvelous
abilities they had as children, but apply them with the wisdom
of adults. It's kind of neat.

[Wallace Wattles] saw the same three steps, I think.

He said you had to have a living vision. Well, that's what we're
talking about when we're talking about creating a shared vision
within the conscious and unconscious mind.

He said you have to pursue it with purpose. That is a conscious
will term for prioritizing.

And he said you have to have faith, and anything that comes up
that disturbs that faith, you have to displace that and go back
to the faith.

Well, in my terminology he was talking about what I approach by
teaching people to resolve the unconscious habit patterns that
block them ...

I tell my readers and people -- the 50,000-plus that I've
trained in seminars -- that whenever you're experiencing
anything other than joy, love, harmony, fulfillment, you are
encountering a blocker. And the blocker is manifest by whatever
is not there or AS whatever is not included in that mix -- that
joy, loving, harmony, and fulfillment are our natural condition.

Here we're taking energy that has been working against you --
it's kind of like martial arts in that sense. You use the
opponent's energy to defeat them in martial arts. In this case,
you're using the energy of the self-defeating habit patterns to
turn them into success patterns.

REBECCA: Going through these processes helps clarify the vision,
to get a really big juicy one. [That seems to be the] biggest
problem most new readers of SOGR have. Then going through and
dealing with the blockers, it's almost like the faith begins to
grow naturally rather than by force of will. Just one of the
fruits of the process.

STUART: Absolutely. There are three tests that I tell people to
use to see whether they've got things in place and if they've
got them in place and continue to keep them in place, about 100%
of the time the intended results will occur.

Those three things are, when you focus on the vision of what you
want to accomplish, you feel joy, enthusiasm, happiness, etc.
That means that the vision is correct for you.

When you have it properly prioritized, there is the energy and
enthusiasm directed toward the accomplishment of that vision.
And when you have completely resolved all the unconscious habit
patterns that you need to resolve, you're absolutely certain
that the result will occur.

For example, I'm sitting here at my telephone and computer, and
I know that if I reach out -- with absolute certainty -- and I
press the "h" key, there will appear on the screen an "h." And
if that doesn't happen it's absolutely shocking. You know what I
mean? It's that level of certainty I'm talking about ...

STUART: I was just looking at some notes I made from Wally's
stuff, and he talks about gratitude, and I put in parentheses
next to that, "loving."

And he put "creation versus competition." I put next to that

"Lift up by example." I put in parentheses, "loving."

See, one of the concepts that I believe is correct is there are
two lines coming down from Spirit. One is loving and one is
mind, Universal Mind, and so on. If mind is at service of the
heart, wonderful things result. If the heart's at the service of
mind, oh my gosh, terrible things can result.

And I think what Wally and I are aiming at here is that we're
talking about mind being at service of the heart. He also says
-- I wrote this down, page 59 -- don't act in forgetfulness of
right motive. ["More life to all and less to none."]

And basically we're very much in tune and I think that anybody
who harmonizes with what Wally says will find that CT -- what I
call "Cybernetic Transposition" -- the CT techniques are really
good tools for putting that into practice.

And download the free Wallace Wattles' 1910 classic, "The Science of Being Rich", now in e-book form from here!

(am still processing all that i've been reading and re-reading so far... all i can tell you is that it's been a totally mind-expanding "high" weekend for me!!! i think i've finally got it, at last!!! more to say in the next posts...)

Saturday, January 14, 2006

little miracles

it happened again last night.

for almost two weeks now since ive seriously started working on "getting clear", ive found that it has been easier for me to find parking space. before leaving, i say a little prayer that i'll find good parking space to where it is im going, and i imagine a neat little space just for me and nobody else. it's a little thing, and it's like playing a little game with my self.

first few times, i am always pleasantly surprised even, to find another car backing out just when i come into the parking area, and backing out in such a way that i am next in line to park! but the more it happened, the more i grew quietly amazed.

and it happened again last night.

the mall was full, it was rush hour time, the kids and i were coming into the parking lot, feeling happy and joyful because it was the weekend. just as i cruised down the rows of parked cars, a car started leaving its space, just in time for us to take its place!


after arriving home, while the kids started playing with their newly-bought toys , i went into the bedroom to unwind. lying in bed and savoring the good feelings of today, especially the part when Thea mentioned how amazing it is that we could afford to go out to malls for little snack and even toy treats now, when 3 years ago, i couldnt even afford an extra ice cream cone for little Bea, because we needed all the resources we could get just to put food on the table and pay our bills. she remembered how, one time, Bea was watching a fastfood commercial on tv, and licked the tv screen when her favorite ice cream sundae was shown! : O

yes, Thea is right. we are soo blessed now. and the shift actually started when i just decided to start counting my blessings then, more as an effort to feel better and raise my energies then just so i could go on and not give in to despair, than to really attract more good things in our life (i didn't know about the attracting part then).

anyway, as i was lying there in bed, thanking God for our blessings and the good now in our life, even as i also lazily computed our resources available with my remaining budget, the cellphone beeped.

a rarely-heard from colleague texted me to ask if id be interested in another writing project, at 3k per thousand words fee. of course i said yes, but told her i could only start in february as i still had other projects to finish by the end of this month. no problem, take your time, we'll wait for you, she said.

: ) : ) : )

Thursday, January 12, 2006

How To Create / Manifest (... so far)

1. know what you don't want.

i hate routine 9-to-5 work.

2. transform what you don't want into statements that point towards what you DO want.

affirm what you want (in the past or present tense, with feeling-inducing words, as if it has already come to pass or is coming to pass; the subconscious mind cannot distinguish time differences; All is Now in the Mind) constantly and constantly and constantly, until it becomes a part of who you are, until it becomes "naturally" a part of your "reality" (the subscious mind cannot distinguish between objective/external and subjective/internal reality either) now.

eventually the inner reality becomes the outer reality, as thoughts direct actions, and attract like circumstances. Everything is Energy, remember, and what you direct and focus your energies on, manifests. law of life and nature: what you pay attention to, grows. what you ignore or neglect, dies. (that's why do not get stuck at knowing what you don't want, because you stay focused on lack there, on what you don't have. and if you just stay there, you keep getting what you don't want. it's not what you want or don't want; it's what you focus on!)

i love to work independently, flexibly, with a lot of variety and challenge and learning and growth.

affirmation: i am now enjoying an international freelance career writing, teaching, speaking, travelling all over the world, being financially independent and secure, healthy, being loved and loving well, growing in soo many beautiful ways and helping make the world a more peaceful, happier place.

: > (wink, wink!)

( steps 1 and 2 can really be combined into a single step-- "Know what you want", but not just the kind of wanting just because so many things tempt you; it should be the kind of wanting that is the soul-desiring kind.)

3. get clear. identify the subconscious roadblocks to your belief in and acceptance of the possibility that you can, indeed, have what you want.

4. stay in joy. the intense energy produced by feelings attract like experiences, so always be thankful for the good you now already have in your life. the more you focus on the good that you have, the more good you will have. besides, gratitude is always an instant and effective antidote to worry, doubt and fear. look for the lessons and blessings behind the challenges. stay in the positive feelings of how good it would feel to already have what you want. keep your mind and whole consciousness focused on that clear and detailed image and happy feelings of you already having what you want.

aside from practicing constant gratitude, i have started building up a stock of staple little experiences that quickly return me to feelings of joy, so that when im feeling blue and starting to fall into worry, doubt, fear, i return to this experiences, whether in my mind or by doing them again: taking a looong shower and enjoying the feel of water falling on my skin from my forehead down, as i arch my head back and close my eyes to savor the little thrill; a beauty parlor or/and spa treat, a loooong leisurely licking session with my favorite ice cream on a cone, long leisurely nature walks, good lovemaking or sexual self-pleasuring and a good, long, undisturbed sleep (i expressly tell the kids to never bother me in the bedroom : >).

5. let go. let the Universe/God work and bring people and circumstances and opportunities to bring what you want to you, and you to what you want. let go of fear, doubt, worry, anxiety. stay in the good feelings of expectation now, and just let go.

i think i am ready to move on to step 5 now.

clarity and bliss

i must be getting good at this thing-- getting clear and staying in the feeling of joy, steps 3 and 4 respectively in The Attractor Factor.

the last "getting clear" battle has been four days ago, yet, im still enjoying the fruits until now.

here is how that battle went (as handwritten in my old trusty journal):

Jan. 8, 2006
1:28 p.m.

i am stolidly working on checking my students' Econ. 1 manuals, but i hear the voices of the accusing, self-bashing, guilt-tripping Discouragement Sorority at the door now, tearing it down just by their incessant cackling--

-- "see? we told you so. if you worked on these during the Christmas break, you needn't have to be working so hard on this now."

--"how can you be such a slacker now? how dare you prioritize fun and joy and celebrating Christmas first before work? How could you be soo SINful?"

--"maybe you don't have what it takes anymore, huh? you used to be able to tackle intense work straight in one sitting, but now it's taking you days!!! and even in one sitting now, how can you be needing more frequent pauses and breaks, just to keep going at your work? maybe you've just gotten older, over the hill, that's why you're slackening off. maybe you don't have what it takes anymore to produce as much as you used to, maybe you never really had what it takes."


hmmmm... strangely, i am hearing Papa's voice over and over again in these words, my stern unforgiving, relentless taskmaster...


my horoscope today said that all the pressure im feeling is basically all the pressure i put on my own self, when everybody else is just naturally enjoying life and my presence even... hmmm.... true, huh?

just the very act of writing down my thoughts and feelings on paper that afternoon already clarified me, even if i wasn't even able to resolve it in my journal.

and just the feeling of clarity itself is such pure joy, pure bliss.... ive been floating on that joy and bliss since then, just doing the next thing that comes up and doing it well, not worrying anymore about unfinished To Dos (i temporarily stopped scheduling my To Dos; instead i just wrote all of them down on a single sheet of paper, and each time im finished with one task, i just look at the paper and choose. it gives me a feeling of such freedom and power to be able to choose what To Do i want to do next... instead of feeling trapped by deadlines and schedules.) : >

and i find, at the end of the day, that i am more peaceful and fulfilled and thankful, for so much good in my life.


i guess i am doing good on my basic New Year's resolution to make it a first priority to take really good and loving care of my self this year, in all ways, huh?

ohhhhhhh, HUGGGGGGGGSSSSSSSS to me!!! : ) : ) : )

Saturday, January 07, 2006


nothing beats a wonderfully passionate, happy, playful and relaxing lovemaking with the one you love and who loves you as deeply, for maintaining joy mode... : )



(and many happy sighs again!)

Friday, January 06, 2006

Why an "Attitude of Gratitude"?

i got this from a subscription email today (good reminder!):

Creating a life of abundance for yourself is simple if you remember the magic words: "thank you." It's important to be reminded of how much we all have to be grateful for, and to make that "attitude of gratitude" a part of our daily lives.

Now, you might say, "What does being grateful have to do with abundance? And maybe I don't feel like I have much to be grateful for. I'm not a millionaire, I don't have a Jaguar, I hate my job…." The list could go on, couldn't it? But you may notice something else about that list. It consists of everything you don't have. That's called focusing on a lack. And it's a rule of the Universe that what you direct your focus on, you emphasize or energize and create more of. So, by focusing on what you don't have, you're simply creating more lack. It reminds me of learning about adding a positive and a negative number in grade school – you will always get less than what you started out with.

I'm talking about giving thanks for what you do have and the fortunate experiences of each day. You can start small. For example, maybe you got a seat on the bus or train this morning on the way to work and didn't have to stand. Maybe the weather forecast said rain, but the sun came out. Or, even if you're unhappy in a job, at least you have one! And then, of course, there are the people in your life. You can be grateful to have the love and support of a spouse or mate or circle of friends or relatives. And don't forget the unconditional love of a pet.

The Hausa people of Nigeria have a saying, "Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot." And that is just how the Universe works. When you focus on and express your thanks for what you do have, and the joy and love already in your life, the more abundance, joy, and love you will create in your life. To help you in this process, why not take some time at the end of each day to jot down a few things that happened that you were grateful for. You can call it your gratitude journal. I know that you will be surprised at all of the entries you can make when you take time to think about it. You are already blessed, and will only be blessed more when you have a grateful heart.

And, as Native American wisdom teaches us, don't forget to "give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way."


it is 618am and i just woke up, but i am reeling, as if ive just been slapped or straight-punched. i shouldn't have a clicked a blog link to another blog from a friend's blog this early in the day but how would i know? :(

i rarely read those "Next Blog" links, and only if im really really bored or feeling lonesome (i notice that a lot of them are in the complaining mode, and complainers aren't good company anytime; they do for entertainment though, when you're feeling bored or lonesome... except that you fall one notch down to depression, if you keep at it long enough).

but i do check out blogger friends' blogs from time to time, and then even the blog links to their other friends' blogs. as with all blogging, i get curious too about what's going on in my friends' lives and minds and i learn and grow from the different ways different people see the world, and consoled by the realization that we are all groping in the dark together, trying to find our way to our own truths and answers.

this particular blog that i just read, though, reeked of acid all around. in the guise of smart-alecky sarcasm, the blog writer bashed men, life, seriously doubted her self, yet also revealed a vulnerable good heart so giving and so easily taken in and messed around with by lowlifes. my thinking as i was reading her blog was, if she keeps focusing on these topics, no wonder she keeps having these experiences.

but right now, as im writing this, i blush to realize that i sounded quite like her when i started blogging a little more than a year ago!!! we even have almost the same thoughts and self-doubts, when i was the old me a year ago.

i hope blogging helps heal her as it has helped me; you get the acid out, by and by you eventually run out of sting, then the soft, mellow more beautiful you comes out. i hope she also meets blogger friends who are kind and good and love her in the way she needs to be loved, even if only through words and their own blogs too.

she is too young to be bitter.
we all are too young to be bitter.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

goddess charm working

it's only been two days back at work (yesterday doesn't count, i self-declared a one-day "emergency" leave to stay cocooned and concentrate on backlog), but the New Year actually feels really new now, bright and shiny and clean.

i still work hard, but i am not stressed. i see now that almost half of my almost-burnout stress before was due to my own self-talk which involved a lot of self-bashing for not doing enough, for not being able to do more, given only 24 hours in a day.

without that kind of self-talk now, i am at peace with the world. : ) other people can do anything and everything and even be as obnoxious as they can be, yet i smile like Buddha now.

there's another more evident manifestation, too: tonight, i brought home two Christmas gift bags (in my part of the world, Christmas starts when the months start ending in "ber" and end on the feast of the Three Kings, which will be tomorrow : >), from a friend and from my school paper staff. i was very pleasantly surprised to open them-- a fun-looking shocking pink malong (a Muslim-inspired wraparound cloth which can be a headdress, scarf, belt, skirt, or whatever, according to one's creativity and knotting skills), a silver-edged make-up kit shaped liked a butterfly, and a really elegant charm bracelet!!!


in my whole life, ive never received womanly gifts like these before. it's always just books, or stationery, or book ends, or photo albums, and in pale, earthy colors at that. i guess my aura before was like the gifts i received too.

when i got home and the kids greeted me at the door, my eldest, Thea, was quick to notice the gift boxes and she asked if she could open them. i let her be, as the two little ones crowded around her.

her response affirmed my feeling. : )

ooohhh, ma, they've given you goddess-type gifts!!!


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

good thought police

im glad i spent my christmas vacation on my "clarifying" exercises; it has sort of buffered me up now for the many negative thoughts that permeate our culture.

i only realized that today when i went back to work. it was like sailing through on the wings of a cloud. but, coming home, though, showering and winding down even as i reviewed my day half-mindfully, ive become more acutely aware of the many instances when i could have fallen into self-bashing and guilt-tripping again, or fallen into the negativistic mindtrap of the people around me.

last night, as i reviewed the many unfinished tasks from last year that i still have to do, every time a self-bashing or guilt-tripping thought tried to assail me, it was like some thought police inside me would rise up and stop the self-bashing or guilt-tripping arrow in its flight with a phalanx of shields to protect me. so i remain in joyful and Gratitude Mode, staying in the feeling.

i can't just let the thought police do this for me automatically every time, though, at least, not at this stage when im still so new to these mental "immunization" shots. : ) i realize that i have to remain constantly alert and mindful, even as i continue to take better care of my self and my mind from the encroachment of a jaded, complaining, victim- and scarcity- and poverty-mentality culture.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Staying in the Feeling

soon after we came down from my sister's and her husband's mountaintop farm yesterday, i encountered my first Magical Mind challenge for this new year.

my sister and brother-in-law dropped us off at our house, on the understanding that we will meet at our father's house later, for New Year's Day family lunch. this gave the kids and i time to rest and refresh ourselves from the long bumpy travel, and change into more suitable city party clothes. at a quarter to 12 noon, we all went out and got into the car, ready for the party.

to our dismay, though, the car wouldn't start again. : ( it revved up weakly, sputtered then just completely wouldn't start.

over the last 3 weeks, we've been suffering the car's going to the mechanic's a number of times, for minor and varied troubles. although the repairs don't cost much each time, they do amount to a lot now. more than that, though, the inconvenience of having your plans go awry at the last minute because of the car not delivering on you, is the costliest of all.

it was the New Year, and we were all still basking in the good feelings from the farm retreat and celebration. but the car's not starting when we needed it to almost burst my balloons instantly. it was soo easy to just cry in frustration and even curse one's bad fortune, quickly spiralling down to negativism, anxiety, worry and self-bashing.

but i made the effort, quickly reminded my self that this is the New Year, i must not do things in the old ways now, the old ways which didnt help much anyway, that this is my chance to put a manifesting lesson into practice, the lesson on Staying in the Feeling of the joy you're having as if what you are manifesting has already come to pass (in Manifesting principles, feeling attracts experiences).

it was difficult to stay in the feeling of joy, thinking of what i wanted to manifest (particularly no. 11 and/or 12 in the list), because i actually felt even farther away from my desires that very moment. so i shifted strategy, and remembered the closest joyful feeling i have already experienced in our so-called reality, and it was the feelings from the farm retreat, so i focused on that instead. : )

it became easier after that. i was even able to thank God for the opportunity to more specifically envision my dream SUV now, fueled by the feelings of frustration converted into desire that i had from my old car which wouldn't start.

at papa's house, when he learned of my car problem (as the kids and i arrived in a taxi), it got papa into thinking about where i could buy a newer but cheaper secondhand car, and it became a table topic for a while. i thanked God even for that, that at least it has planted a seed in papa's mind. (on hindsight now, though, i just realized that i missed the opportunity of jokingly asking him to buy me a new car himself, instead! heehee... : > papa can afford to pay in cash even 5 new cars for me; he's not just very giving. he believes in making us work for what we need and want.i am only learning recently, though, that he can loosen up when you ask with a sense of humor... : > sigh. well, maybe next time...i still need brushing up on my sense-of-humor-while-asking-for-help anyway)

anyway, i congratulate my self for being able to do this quite well now, to shift from the temptation of my natural reactions and to consciously steer my self to be more "proactive" about my situation, even if it's only being proactive about how i choose to feel about it. at least, even if the situation remained the same, i felt good still.

when we arrived home, and i remembered that i should call the mechanic to come pick up the car the next day when his shop opens, i thought to check the car again, just to make sure that indeed it was in trouble.

well, what do you know, when i started the car, it did start zestily this time, as if it didnt have any trouble starting before at all !!! : O

did my good feelings create that experience now? : O