Sunday, December 18, 2005

instant magic

it's funny how it's so true-- things do come to you effortlessly and even quickly once you get clear!

after i did that clarity exercise some days ago, soon after (as in A FEW MINUTES after), a colleague at the university i work for whom i only share polite pleasantries with texted me to ask me if i was interested in submitting a proposal for a writing project the Chinese community organization she's involved in wants to have done.

being a reluctant Chinese my self (i am half Chinese and have had unhappy childhood experiences in a private Chinese school as an outcast, a half-breed... ), i hedged at the offer saying i was too busy to add on another project, with my calendar full until the end of the year. but then, i remembered how The Attractor Factor cautioned against dismissing the good that is coming to you in any form.... so although i hedged, i kept one door open. when she asked for my fees, though, i figured a higher rate would discourage her so i doubled my usual fee. to my surprise, she didnt even flinch and proceeded to ask me to submit a proposal by early next year.

if the proposal is approved, it means another 45k in the pocket for me! : O

then, days later, my brother came to visit and saw the old and non-functional washing machine lying around in the yard, waiting for the junk shop to pick it up. i didnt know it, but the maid kidded him about it, how it's a problem for us now to do our washing with the washing machine retired for good.

i had been cracking my head for 2 weeks on how to stretch my budget further to accommodate a new washing machine without buying it on credit, and so, when my brother came in to just nonchalantly say he's giving me a new washing machine for christmas, my jaw dropped!

wowwww.... what a few seconds of working on getting clear can do!
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