Monday, February 14, 2011

After 21 Days

Time February 13, 2011 at 4:17 pm; comment posted at Chopra Center's 21-Day Challenge thread
When I embarked on this Challenge, I was clear about my Intention– Wealth.
During the 21 days, that was the easiest thing to manifest. All around me there were seedlings of wealth sprouting in all forms and sending resources my way! I got offers for projects and speaking/training engagements, and my brother even pleasantly surprised me with an advanced birthday offer for a vacation package with my kids anywhere I chose in the Philippines! And the Intention just continues to grow clearer and stronger as I see the seedlings sprouting more and more and growing sturdier everywhere! 
I did not expect, though, for the spotlight to actually be focused on my own heart, which I thought all along was okay and healed and happy already. This Challenge showed me certain still-closed, still-hurting places, and it showed me certain aspects and ways of being and doing that I express, particularly in a primary love relationship, that is doing my Self a disservice, giving too much without expecting anything back. It taught me: how can I receive all the wealth and abundance God has in store for me when I do not allow my self also to receive all the Love that I deserve, as a worthy Child of God and the Universe?
LOVE'S WAY: The Union of Body, Ego, Soul and SpiritAt present, this relationship is in a flux, because I have changed, I have transformed during these 21 days, and I have stopped a way of being and doing that was previously what kept our relationship together. I have decided not to leave this relationship, though, but to see it through, because I do love the person I am with. I just understand now that I need to stand still and be patient and gentle, as I wait out this uncomfortable space, for Love to further reveal itself to us, and for him to do his part, too. If he doesn’t, I’m still okay; I’ve released the outcome to the Universe. For now, I’ve decided that I’ll just give this all I’ve got and wait it out even as I do inner work. 
So, thank you, Chopra Center and all my fellow journeyers here!
I started out just wanting more money (heehee), and ended up with a softer, more healed heart, a relationship in the throes of transformation, and even a career direction also currently in the midst of questioning and evaluation and discernment.
Thank you for all these gifts! I know I am being set more and more aright with my True Self now.
Namaste, and abundant blessings to us all!