Saturday, December 17, 2005

getting clear: it is good to be rich

here is an example of my struggles in "getting clear"...

most of the time, we say we want something bad, we even work real hard at achieving it, but... the opposite of what we want actually happens.

it is explained by abundance literature as not "being clear" about what you really want; your conscious mind says it wants one thing, your subconscious mind gets in the way by focusing on other, usually opposite, things instead.

the way to "getting clear", to getting both your conscious and subconscious mind to get their act together, is to exhume what the subsconscious mind thinks about, bring it out into the open, and "frame" it (as Stuart Lichtman would say) or do a mental "spring cleaning" (as Mama Gena would say). the point is to bring it out into the open to expose it to fresh air, and see it for the irrational, illogical, senseless fear/anxiety/doubt that it is.

if to be able to name a thing is to be able to control it and manage it, if not to own it, then bringing out your subconscious thoughts on a matter is a way of being able to get hold of and manage that fear/anxiety/doubt, and clear your self of it.

im still in the midst of reading The Attractor Factor, and one exercise there in "getting clear" is to check one's responses to the following statements:

- "Money is a natural manifestation of the universe."
- "It's good to be rich."
- "I don't have to work hard for my money."
- "I am destined for great wealth."
- "My staff earns money for me."
- "I handle money and wealth well."

while reviewing the list, i found that i stumbled over two particular statements-- "It's good to be rich" and "I don't have to work hard for my money".

so i proceeded to write down on my journal whatever thoughts that came to mind in response to those two statements. what i discovered amazed me about my own deep-seated beliefs about wealth and prosperity...

- uhm.... good?.... yeah... well... i guess so.... but i'm not so sure...
- what would my parents think? what would my family think? that i get so rich so quickly and so easily without much effort? without the long-suffering and struggle that they would expect me to have? how dare i betray them and their own stories of pain, long-suffering and struggle?
- what if i become so filthy/obscenely rich i alienate them? or i won't know who really loves me anymore? they might just want me for my money now, not really for who i am... : (
- i might end up totally isolated and alone. i don't want to end up totally isolated, unloved and alone!!!

and then, a little later, my own "rebound"...

- "filthy?" "obscenely" rich? is there really such a thing as filthy and obscene riches, when i can use whatever riches i have to help others too?
- i am a wonderful, giving, wise, compassionate and loving person. i can never really be totally isolated; it is in my being, my nature, to always keep connected... even to total strangers
- i know my value too as a worthwhile human being, and i have developed the gift of discernment now to see through people who are only out to get something from me... i trust my self to discern that wisely now
* so what's wrong with being rich? Heavens, yes, it IS GOOD to be rich! why, it is great, it is sublime, it is BLISS to be rich!
* and i deserve to be rich! i am rich now, even as i speak and write. everything good and great is coming my way!!! thank You, God!!!

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