Sunday, November 12, 2006

SOGR for Practical Geniuses

i finally signed up for the online course above last night, almost 10 months after i downloaded the free ebook from the SOGR site (click on title above to get to the site's link) and studied and practiced the principles on my own.

over the last 10 months, so many miracles have happened i am actually beginning to expect them more than not expect them!

still, i have my days struggling with disempowering thoughts and feelings, and i feel that i need a more formalized structure now through the Course and the network of support it provides.

...especially now that i feel like im going for the Gold of my dreams now, and all the rest that came before were just practice.

strange, though, that what i am after now, is not so much the material side of Abundance (i feel rich now... and i am looking forward to just getting richer and richer! heehee) but the higher emotional, psychological, psychic and even spiritual side of Abundance... in the form of True Love, at last.

now that i can see it within my reach, i want to do everything i can to prepare my self for it and be worthy and knowledgeable of it, to do everything Right at last, and not lose out or throw it away by ignorance or default.

God help me as i reach for my Gold now!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Right Thought and Inspired Action -- The Keys to Successful Manifesting

Does Your Manifesting Formula Add Up?

By Jeannette Maw

Manifesting what we want can be thought of as a balance between two
parts: action and thought. Inspired action and right thought are powerful
ingredients to making the impossible happen. Getting the right mix
between these elements is crucial for deliberate creation.

Many of us tend to rely on one over the other in manifesting our
desires. For example, roughly a third of my clients rely primarily on thought
to create what they want, while two-thirds incline toward action. No
matter which way you lean, if you’re out of balance with one or the other
your manifesting efforts are handicapped.

What is inspired action? Simply put, it’s action that feels good. It’s
taking the step that lifts your energy; following your intuition; or
somehow getting the energy moving in the physical world. It could look
like making a call to a new connection, purchasing a book that catches
your attention, attending a workshop that intrigues you, or even taking a

What is right thought? Thoughts that are in alignment with what you
want. They create a vibration that is in accordance with the end result
you desire. Right thoughts feel good, point you in the right direction,
and support right action.

How do you know if you’ve got a good balance? The evidence of your life
will tell you. Are things happening the way you’d like? Or are you
struggling to make your wish list come true? If you’re not making progress
towards your goal, look at the two ingredients to the manifesting
formula to see whether you’re light on inspired action or right thought.

Adding emphasis to the missing element is magical. Creating a balance
of right thought with inspired action will catapult you on your path to success!

If Action is Missing

If you realize your thoughts are in alignment with your desire, but you

haven’t taken any steps in the physical world to allow it to manifest,
here’s a tip for creating inspired action.

Whatever your goal or intention is, conduct yourself as if you’ve
already achieved it. Act as if you already are the success you desire.

For example, if you want to drop a few pounds, act as if you already
have. Ask yourself what would a lighter person wear today? What would a
size 8 girl eat for breakfast? How would an ideal weight guy answer the
phone? What would he do for fun tonight? When would he go to bed and
what would he do before bed? Become the lower-weight person with your
actions, and your body will reflect your new vibration.

Acting as if is a powerful tool for creating vibrational alignment!

If Right Thought Is Missing

If you’re taking plenty of action that feels good but thoughts are
running amok, here’s one remedy. Imagine the end result you want and place
yourself in this scene of success. Now ask yourself what beliefs
allowed you to create this success. What were the thought patterns that
allowed you to manifest this achievement?

Suppose financial abundance is your goal. As you imagine your
prosperous lifestyle, what beliefs do you hold that facilitated that success?
Perhaps you knew you were capable of anything. Maybe it was that you
believed financial abundance was your birthright or natural state. Or maybe
it was that your time would come, or the Universe has your best
interests at heart.

Whatever thought pattern you identify as being in accordance with this
imaginary manifestation, bring that to life now. Use affirmations or
mantras to enhance those supportive beliefs in your present daily life.
Create a regular routine for incorporating these thoughts into your
mind. After all: as you think, so shall it be!

Bottom line – getting what we want isn’t as hard as we often make it
out to be.

Combining inspired action with right thoughts allows us to make
miracles happen. Happy Manifesting!

Jeannette Maw is an Attraction Coach and founder of Good Vibe Coaching
in Salt Lake City, Utah specializing in helping clients get what they
want, once and for all. Free tips to make your wish list come true are
yours monthly in her "Get What You Want" ezine, along with an instant
free report for Vibrating Wealth, when you sign up at

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