Thursday, December 29, 2005

a date with my self

after going to another city in the next island this morning to collect the corporate registration papers for our family's newly-formed export corporation, i spent the rest of the day dating my self.

well, the date already started with the boat trip, when i spent the hour-long ride to and another hour-long ride back reading up on Chapter 4 of The Attractor Factor instead (another blog to follow on my learnings and insights on this...)

when i arrived early afternoon, i proceeded to go to my favorite spa for a swedish massage with aromatherapy. however, the receptionist said i had to wait for 20 minutes as they were still full, so i decided to go downstairs and treat my self to a late lunch of calzone and a mango caramel frappe (instead of my usual cappuccino) at my favorite cafe.

after the spa, i treated my self to an early dinner at my favorite small family restaurant with green iced tea and a "ClearWater City Caesar's Salad" (actually, it was just lettuce and croutons and cheese and bacon bits, with salad dressing... heehee... but i felt like an elegant independent woman treating my self to something i usually don't order, as i let my kids order first and i just eat their leftovers, to save on expenses... : ( .... hmmmm, enough of that poverty mentality!, the goddess in me pouts. you are a goddess, remember, so treat your self like one!).

anyway, i decided on treating my self today, especially with my aunt's bonus christmas gift (yeah sure, treat your self only when you have extra... that's not the goddess way to be! goddesses treat themselves ALL THE TIME, and the magical blessings follow!), and also because i needed a break from the kids, after staying cooped with them at home for almost two weeks now this christmas vacation...

then, too, i wanted to celebrate the end of my major cleaning and reorganizing chores. : ) the article i just read now affirms how clearing out space physically is a good step in bringing more good into your life! : )

my physical cleaning also jives with my conscious intent now to emotionally and psychically "get clear", even if it's the only thing i will accomplish for the entire 2006. and yes, i feel freer, even with just the physical cleaning, and more ready now to work on my other cleaning projects. : )

then, too, there are like 10 other work-related and freelance-related things i need to finish, in the remaining 4 days of this christmas "vacation". sigh.

i needed this special date with my self today just to keep on keeping on.

God help me use my renewed energies now to wipe all these To Dos out before i officially go back to work again!!!
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