Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Recreating Your Relationships through LOA

Reprinted in full from Anisa Aven's free email newsletter. For details on Ms. Aven's work, please check out her website at the end of this post. Thank you!


Q: How can I find harmony and peace with my husband? I am a
"Polly Anna", eternally optimistic and believe in the law of
attraction. He is the eternal pessimist and a true "Sarah
Burnhart"... What can I do?- C.


With a relationship that is core-attitude incompatible such
as a Pollyanna and an Oscar-the-Grouch, the one that
understands the power of the mind, is the one that can
intentionally create peace and harmony in the relationship.

In other words, the one that is willing to intentionally
apply the law of attraction to improve the relationship is
the one that will ultimately be the cause of that

Of course, there's a couple of catches!

When we choose to change or grow our relationship, we must
do this by being willing to first, accept the relationship
as it is; without exception and without an attachment to the
change we desire. I'll explain why this is true, shortly.

Second, it's important to remember that there's always a
price and a pay-off to every change. When we choose to
intentionally change a relationship, we can ultimately
attract our ideal relationship (even from within the one we
have) but not without change.

Therefore, be open, willing, and prepared for changes. It
may not come in the package or form that we originally
planned. Remember, there are two creators involved here and
therefore compromise, flexibility and growth will be
required on both sides. This is true whether both parties
are aware of the intentions of the other or not.

Now, getting back to the first catch, you must apply the law
of detachment by accepting that your mate may never change
and be willing to be at peace with this exactly as it
stands, forever.

Making peace with your reality is the art of detachment.
Practicing detachment does not mean you are giving up on
your desire for a more harmonious relationship.

Quite the contrary, you are giving up on your desire to have
your mate be someone they are not. You keep the desire for
harmony and that becomes your magnetic beacon.

By focusing on the essence of harmony and calling that into
your experience, you literally inspire those around you to
act, be, and do things that are in alignment with that
harmony. And, you inspire yourself to not be present when
this isn't the case.

You are, through the intentional act of surrendering to what
is, exchanging attachment for detachment, resentment for
forgiveness and rejection for love.

Therefore, if you want to inspire changes within your
relationship, choose to surrender to loving it just the way
it is.

Then, begin to put your focus, attention, and intention on
the love, harmony, optimism, fun, adventure, connection,
passion, etc. that you want to experience at the core of
your being.

By imagining that you experience these things within the
relationship every day, you create a wave of magnetic energy
that ripples through your home. Your loved ones will
literally feel inspired to ride that wave and in a boomerang
fashion return the love you are sending out, as if they no
longer want to present their 'negative' face but instead
feel compelled to be more harmonious around you.

Recently, a client had a major breakthrough with her
relationship with her in-laws. It required a great deal of
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), creative visualization
and a willingness to love them exactly as they are.

She used EFT to eliminate her picture of how they are,
including her belief that they were disrespectful and
indifferent to her needs and that they were and always would
be selfish, self-righteous and overbearing. She then used
a great deal of creative visualization to implant into the
Infinite Mind what she wanted instead: kind, considerate,
respectful, honoring in-laws that she enjoyed and

Here's her miracle email:

"Just wanted to pass along some awesome news!! My
husband's parents returned home from vacation this week and
they came to dinner last night at our house. Not only was
it really wonderful and comfortable and easy and fun...
Guess who washed their hands before holding the baby?!?!
Talk about progress! Woo-hoo!" THANK YOU, THANK YOU,

This email is a miracle because only a few short weeks ago,
she would have preferred to never see them again, let alone
endure an entire dinner!

She used the power of the law of attraction to literally
empower the relationship to have the energy of love,
respect, and harmony all on its' own.

Every relationship experience is caused by our thoughts,
emotions and our expectations.

Therefore, to change our relationship experience we must
change our thoughts and emotions and expectations of the

We want to choose whether to use emotional scribbling or
emotional sparkle to inspire our ideal relationship from
within the one we have.

If we are reacting to what is, then we are using emotional
scribbling to draw our relationship masterpiece.

If we are intentional, conscious, and focused on love and
acceptance, peace and joy, then we are using emotional
sparkle to draw our relationship masterpiece.

In summary, here are the steps:

1) Be willing to love and accept your mate exactly as they
are even if they never change.

2) Decide what you want in the relationship and focus on the
essence of that desire (peace, love, harmony, beauty, joy,
passion, etc.)

3) Begin to give what you want in the relationship. If you
want more love, start giving more love. If you want more
peace, start being more at peace.

4) Use emotional freedom technique (EFT) or some other
forgiveness tool to eliminate the doubts, fears, and
resentments from your past in order to free yourself from
any self-sabotaging thoughts or expectations.

5) Imagine that you already have the very thing that you
want right now from your mate. Practice this vision over
and over until it becomes a part of your expectation.

When your love of the reality feels truly fulfilling and
your expectation for peace, love, and harmony becomes a
knowingness (a firm level of absolute certainty) then your
physical world will catch up to your emotional world.

This is when you will open your eyes to the change that has
taken place and the materialization of your ideal
relationship will be what you see.

Copyright, 2007: Anisa Aven,

All Rights Reserved. For specific article reprint rights, please visit here.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love and Magic

Once you access the power of love, your life will change in a heartbeat
By Diane Goldner

It's no wonder that we celebrate the power of the heart on Valentine's Day. The heart is truly a mystical gateway, the seat of the soul.

On Valentine's Day we revel in the beauty of romantic love, with heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, cards, ruby red roses, and candle-lit dinners for two. Yet mystics and saints tell us that this love is just a taste of the divine love that we can find in our own hearts. A Hindu saint once summed it up: "The heart is the hub of all sacred places," he commanded. "Go there and roam."

In every religion the heart is celebrated as precious and magical, a place of harmony, compassion, love, and healing. In Catholic art, Jesus Christ is often shown with a heart so illuminated it is on fire. In Sanskrit writings, the blazing light of the heart is said to be so great it can burn away all impurities. In the Kabbalah, the mystical branch of Judaism, the light associated with the heart, tiferet, is at the very center of the tree of life. It is where everything comes into perfect balance.

In the East the heart is considered to be the seat of consciousness. After all, it is when we strip away the chatter of the mind that we can live in the wisdom of the heart. The Tibetan mantra om mani padme hum means, in translation, "The jewel of consciousness is in the heart's lotus." And the Chinese word for heart, xin, means both "heart" and "mind." In acupuncture, the heart is viewed as the seat of the spirit.

Since I first began exploring this mystical terrain, I have been continually awed and inspired by the power of our hearts. I used to think romantic love was the apex of it all. Romantic love is stunning, of course. But the deeper I delved into the heart, the more I learned that love can be transcendent. I found that the love in our hearts can shine the way the sun shines--on everything and everyone and at all times. The love we feel for our beloved and our children and family members can be brought to everything and everyone.

For me, a deeper understanding of the heart began when I started to investigate spiritual healing. I watched as healers laid hands on people and caused profound changes and insights. Naturally, I wanted to know how that could possibly happen. Being a diligent, persistent reporter back then, I asked every healer I interviewed: "How does healing work?" They would often answer. "Through love. It's love that heals."

I always wanted to say: "Yes. Yes. But how does healing really work?" Their answer didn't make too much sense to me. I thought of myself as a loving person. But I knew that if I laid hands on another person, not much would happen. For a long time, I was completely baffled by the healings that I witnessed.

Then I began to have experiences of a more subtle realm than the physical. I discovered that I could shift the rhythm of my heart just by shifting my thoughts and focus. When I did, the whole world changed. At first, this seemed to happen by accident. One of the first times I noticed it happening, I was at a writers' conference. I was in a room, trying to sleep, listening to two people chatting outside, four floors below. The longer they talked, the more enraged I got. Finally I decided to meditate to pass the time.

At some point, I realized I had expanded so much I was present with the people talking outside. I no longer wanted to kill them. I felt only a sense of presence. I was everywhere, radiant. It felt great. I realized that the man doing most of the talking felt lonely. He was just trying to fill himself up. I felt so much love and compassion for him. Our hearts touched. Then he and his friend were saying goodnight. He finally got the connection he needed-from me!

Later I began to experiment more consciously. One of the most vivid experiences occurred in an electronics store, of all places. I went to return an alarm clock and, lucky me, ended up with a very unpleasant sales clerk who seemed intent on giving me a hard time. My first impulse was to be nasty right back. The situation began to escalate. Then I decided to try connecting to my heart center. I didn't know if anything would happen or, at that point, if the energy in my heart was really "real," but immediately, as if by magic, the sales clerk's mood shifted and she became very pleasant and helpful. It was as if I had flipped a light switch. I was amazed to see my inner state reflected so quickly on the outside, and in another person.

You can turn to the energy of your heart just as easily. All you have to do is imagine a radiant white light in your heart. You can even imagine the light in your heart connecting to the light in another person's heart, whether you are in the room with this person or in another part of the country. You will probably see some kind of effect. Don't worry if you don't see the light; just trust that it's there. You can do this to enhance a loving relationship or even to create more harmony and a higher flow in a difficult situation. The more you do it, without pushing or trying for a result, the more harmony and ease you will begin to notice.

Being in an expanded heart space is a spiritual experience. But there is also some science to help us understand how the spirit of the heart works. Researchers at the Institute of HeartMath (an organization in Boulder Creek, California, devoted to studying the heart) have found that when people focus on a state of appreciation and love, their heart rhythm quite literally expands and becomes more harmonious. To measure this, researchers use EKGs and computer analysis to graph the heart-rate variability of a person and map it as a sine wave. During a state of love and appreciation, the sine wave of a person's heart rate rhythm may become twice as big as usual, and much more even and orderly.

Physiologically, what is occurring is that a person's breath slows down and the heart synchronizes to the breathing. During the inhalation, the heart beats faster than usual. On the exhalation, the heart slows. "I'm not saying we can measure the frequencies of love," says HeartMath researcher Rollin McCraty. "But when we feel love, it causes real changes in our body that we can measure."

Researchers at Harvard Medical School found the same kind of expanded heart rhythm occurring in long-time meditators during meditation sessions. One of the Harvard researchers called it an "exuberant" rhythm. In their report in Psychosomatic Medicine, the Harvard researchers speculated that humans might have a special "resonant frequency" at which many different biological rhythms--such as the heart rate and the breath--become synchronized. We humans seem to reach this resonant frequency, which creates harmony in the body, when we feel peace, gratitude, love and appreciation.

As I became more attuned to my own heart, I found I could sense other people's heart rhythms in my own heart. It turns out a person's heartbeat can be measured by delicate electromagnetic sensors from as far as four feet away. So what I began to experience is actually quite natural. At first, it seemed to happen only when I was doing a hands-on healing. Now, connecting my heart to my client's heart is the basis of my healings. As I work, I can literally feel my client's heart unwind and expand and come to rest in my heart rhythm. I can't force it. I just invite it. I allow. I accept the person's heart right where it is. As soon as I do, his or her heart usually opens. It melts into mine. I think a lot of healers work this way, sometimes even when they don't know it. There are even a few studies that show the client's heart comes into synchronicity with the healer's heart.

Once that union occurs, we're together. I'm not really "doing" a healing anymore. We're in the same psychic space. If I hold a healing state, a state of deep peace and harmony, a state of total unconditional acceptance and presence, a person will accept it--just like if you pluck a guitar string, the sound will resonate through the whole room. In that space of the heart, people's pain, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, can melt away.

Over time, I found that I could put my hands anywhere on a person, and our hearts will unite. Recently, I was visiting with my nephews when one of their friends got his finger slammed in a van door that closed automatically-and too quickly. The mom dropping the kids off couldn't react fast enough to stop the disaster. The kid, a boy of about ten, was absolutely hysterical from the pain. I didn't have time to go to his heart first to calm him down. So I worked directly on his finger. As I started the healing, my heart slowed down and expanded, as it does when I'm doing healings. The boy's heart began to "float" on my heart. Soon he was calm and quiet. After perhaps ten minutes the swelling and bruising in his finger had subsided, along with the pain. "I'm okay now," he said to me. He ran out to go play with his buddies.

Healing doesn't come from forcing something to change. It actually comes from accepting and loving what is. Things melt in that radiant love, whether its physical pain or emotional, even anger and broken bones or hurting guts or poverty consciousness. If you ever want to help someone grow or change, love them. Love them as they are. Hold for others the same awe and appreciation you feel when you look at something beautiful, like a mountain or an ocean, for each of us is beautiful in a profound way. Truly, that kind of unconditional love is the ultimate magic. You can even help yourself to grow and change by holding that state of love for yourself as well.

So this Valentine's Day, why don't you try a dose of that unconditional love? It will do wonders for your romance and your heart.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Meditation questions

i am just finishing class 2 of my free online meditation course this week, and i would like to ask from anyone out there who might be reading this and is also experienced in meditation if my experience is common and how to deal with it.

the first time i used the guided meditation audio in class 2, at that part where one is guided to go to the bottom of the ocean/one's deepest self, i spontaneously just cried so profusely. it was both so profoundly deep and beautiful. by the way, when i did this meditation, in my visualization, my Beloved-- who, due to work and financial reasons, is currently apart from me-- joined me in my visualization. i mean, he was there, from start to finish. it seemed so natural so i just let the images flow. so anyway, when i came to that bottom of the ocean part, he was right there with me too, facing me and smiling and holding my hands. and it was when i cried; no one has ever been this close to me before.

the next time i used the same session, though, i thought i should tell him in my visualization that he should just rest and sleep, and that i should do this alone. anyway, when i came to the floating over the ocean part, the image of him sleeping on his tummy, seemingly with his arm over the body of a woman, flashed. my immediate reaction to that image was to turn away and to forget about it, but i couldn't, so even as the session proceeded, i was bothered, so i forced my self to look at the image again.

when i looked closely this time, apparently, what i thought was the very white body of a still, sleeping woman, was a white blanket covering a huge pillow.

even in my meditation, i wondered why this image happened in the first place. and then, the answer just came to me just as quickly, "face your deepest fear."

and i cried again profusely at this, because indeed, this was my deepest fear, to be betrayed this way again (i left my previous and only marriage because of this and many other betrayals, 5 years ago). and as i stayed there and forced my self to look at the image, i cried at the realization of how this has been the major block in my relationship with my Beloved now (whom i have known only for 8 months but who has shown seriousnss and consistency in both his words and actions at building a life and future together for us),as far as im concerned,because im always quick to think of negative thoughts, etc. whenever he's away or not communicating with me for a while...

anyway, in both instances, i cried from being touched so deeply, and after the last session two days ago, ive stopped meditating for a while, because im afraid now of what other fears it may force me to confront but which im not ready for...

so im asking now of more experienced meditators out there-- is this a common experience in meditation (dredging up one's deepest fears)? and what does one do/how does one deal with this?

thank you for whatever help/enlightenment any one can extend.

many blessings!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"Love and Money Are Easy and Abundant for Me!!!"

i just got this today from Law of Attraction Coach Jeannette Maw's free newsletter:

How's your relationship with money these days? If money could talk, what would it say about you? Have you told it lately you love it? Is it good to you? Or do you take each other for granted, have a love/hate relationship, or maybe pretend to ignore each other?

If you want to change the way money shows up in your life, change your relationship with it. Let's make friends with money once and for all.

What is money, anyway? You know this one - it's the same thing everything is: energy. That's it. Period. Nothing tricky, good, bad, right or wrong. It's just energy.

But that's not what we've made up about it, is it? We inherited stories about money that make it out to be some big hairy deal. We think it's hard to come by, we gotta be careful with it, it's the root of all evil, etc. Listen, money isn't any different than everything else in the world. When we relax about money, it comes to us as easily as everything else we don't have a charge on.

For example, I like dogs. They show up for me in abundance (to my absolute delight). In fact, just today an ex-fiance asked me to take his 8 month old golden lab. You know why this happens? Because I love dogs, they love me, Universe feels me on that and delivers.

Can you imagine your ex stopping by to unload some cash on you? Can you visualize him telling you he's got this extra money he hasn't been able to manage, the neighbors are complaining, and it would be really helpful and he'd be big time grateful if you'd just take this money off his hands?

If you had an easy, abundant story about money, trust me - it would happen.

What do you have a nice easy story about? Friends? Shoes? Bottled water? Can you imagine feeling that same way about money? See if you can spot the difference in how you feel about something abundant in your life versus money. Is there a difference? If not, you're probably rolling in the green stuff. If there is a difference, this is your wake-up call to change your money vibe.

Money flows easily when we change our thinking about it. I think about money the way I do dogs. I love it. It's all good. There's lots of it. In fact, lots of folks don't know how to handle it properly, and it naturally finds its way to me. I love taking care of it. I never have too much of it. You don't know what to do with it? Call me. I've got a system; I'm connected; I can help.

Can you feel the vibe I'm running about money? It's as easy as dogs.

Now for those of you who flinched in reading that prior paragraph because it felt greedy, immoral or uncomfortable, you might want to check in on your money vibe. There's nothing wrong with money. Life works well when we have it. Would you blame someone for amassing more than "their share" of postcards? Probably not, huh? Take the charge off money. It's just energy. There's plenty of it for all of us. All we gotta do is let it in.

What do you have an abundance of? What comes easily to you? Translate that feeling to how you feel about money and it'll show up in droves. Change the way you feel about money, and money has to change the way it treats you.


and it gave me the idea that what works with Money, works with Love, as well as with anything else, since Everything is Energy!

so now, i've just coined my new affirmation to work with, which probably covers all affirmations now--

"Love and Money are easy and abundant for me!!!"

: ) : ) : )


it's interesting how, if i voiced this affirmation aloud to my self a year ago, i would probably have quickly come up with a list of why NOT love and money would be easy and abundant for me, a list of all the thought and feeling blockages about Love and Money that i would have needed to work on in reframing through EFT, cybernetic transposition, journaling, etc.

but now, when i voiced this affirmation out loud to my self just now, i just found my self suddenly feeling eons lighter and grinning from ear to ear, and mentally saying,

"oohhh, yes, yes, YES!!!"

Goddess Ways

the point of divinity is creating life, and the naturally generative, sexual, joyful, erotic, nourishing, beautiful, connecting, loving parts of women (and men, who wake up to their powerful feminine parts) and Nature is divinity manifested.

the Divine has never been just masculine... (click on this link to watch the video "Divine Feminine")

Monday, February 05, 2007

Feel Good

i re-learned a lesson in Manifesting today: how to feel good -- stay in Joy, keep one's vibes amped, keep one's energies up-- even when outer appearances dictate otherwise.

i thought i've learned that already well enough last year; this was the hardest part of the Manifesting process (know what you want, get clear of negativity/blocking thoughts, feel good/stay in Joy, let go) for me, even harder than getting clear.

with getting clear, there's cybernetic transposition, EFT and journaling to work with. with feeling good, you just must focus on feeling good even when appearances are the opposite, and it's doubly harder in a culture that looks at feeling good-- even when appearances support it--as almost sinful (how dare you be happy when the rest of us are not???).

so anyway, lately, i've been contemplating my budgets for when i take my one-year unpaid leave from my regular work soon (in two months), to follow my creative writing Dream. and i found that with only the resources i have and can count on from my vantage point for now, i need to run a tight ship, to keep the children and i afloat, even as i follow my Dream, once and for all.

so, even with my daily meditations and affirmations and visualizations and Gratitude mode, the "reality" of a tighter budget must have gotten to me, as i've also started feeling tight, crunched, limited... definitely not Abundant at all! and i know by now that this is not the way to be if i want to continue to keep attracting Abundance in my life, no matter how much i intend, affirm, visualize and be thankful for all that i already have in my life. for as long as i'm not really feeling Abundant, i will not attract Abundance!

temporarily, i have forgotten how to get back into Abundance mode again, but an opportunity presented itself to me later in the day today.

a student, who peddles food stuff around the campus during his breaks so he can earn additional income for his school needs, came to the faculty room to sell his stuff. i have always admired this student for his drive and humility and resourcefulness, and whenever he comes to me, i always make it a point to buy P100 worth of food, even if i don't feel like eating (i bring the food home to the kids).

it was easier to do this in the last 6 months or so, with more money having come into my life. i forgot, though, that even with very tight circumstances a year ago, i still managed to buy P100 worth of food from him even then, just because i wanted to help him.

and it was that same feeling of just wanting to help him that overcame me today; so i blew the last of the spare P100 in my wallet to buy food from him.

and what do you know? it instantly lifted my spirits!!!

and then i remembered how it was the year before, when i would do the same, and it lifted my spirits too and kept me feeling good, in Abundance mode, and then, how good and better things so quickly came into my life, from all directions! ... that what i thought was my helping him was actually my helping me too in many ways!

so that is what i re-learned today: the quickest way to stay in the Abundant flow of the Universe is to help somebody else out, aside from always being thankful for what one already has, and keeping one's focus on the good, on the blessings in one's life.

oh, nothing spectacular (yet) has happened after this little incident today; but, getting back into Grace again, feeling this joyous and happy and abundant, is enough miracle for me today.

thank You, God!!!