Tuesday, December 27, 2005


it is funny how the mind works. even very simple, seemingly insignificant questions get answered, when asked in a state of mental clarity and calmness...

i was going through my old files yesterday to rearrange them in my shelves, and i came across an old folder with printouts on how the Web works, how to design web pages, etc., back in the days (1997) when the web was still new to the public and i was also also a newbie to this entire computer Windows and Internet stuff.

as i mentioned in an earlier blog, cleaning stuff out brings me to an active meditative state, and my mind must have been so clear and focused when i wondered, my... the Web and i have come a long way since then... although there are still new things i have to learn and keep learning... like phishing... what does that mean?

well, just a few seconds ago, i opened my email and i get an advisory email from my bank, explaining to me what phishing is and how i need to watch out for it! : O
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