Friday, January 20, 2006

Growing Into One's Good

im rereading (and taking handwritten notes, this time) --and hope to finally finish-- the free e-book i downloaded from the SOBR website last aug. 2, 2005 yet, Wallace Wattles' The Science of Being Rich.

it has 17 chapters in all, excluding the 4 appendixes, but i remember i only got to around chapter 13 last time, with the contents of only up to chapter 7 sinking in. chapter 7, i loved--it was about Gratitude as a quick and painless way to "get right" with the Universe/God all at once, and i've been doing it already so it was a breeze.

i remember hitting the road and running on full steam for the first 6 chapters, reading about things which opened my mind further to new possibilities and fresh truths, climaxing at chapter 7, but mainly coasting, and then faltering in the next chapters afterwards.

i remember being soo full of the ideas of everyone of us deserving to be rich, that it is great (and not a sin at all!) to be rich because then we have life more abundantly not only for us but for others too, of an infinite and abundant supply in the Universe (as opposed to the scarcity mentality we've been programmed with; i should know-- i majored in Economics!), of asking largely because it would make God/the Universe sooo happy to bring us what we want.

i was sooo full of these "new" ideas that i must have gotten indigestion, because i remember too, feeling heady-kind-of-drunk afterwards, sleepy and lethargic... and i needed to decompress and "get back to normal life" by taking time off from continued reading of the book, to let the ideas sink in even as i needed to let old, error ideas go.

i've grown in many ways since then, and my mind can now matter-of-factly accept the "new" ideas as part of me now; reading through the first 6 chapters did not mentally and psychically shock me as they did before. and, as i read them again, i see now the similarity of the principles espoused in this e-book to the recent book ive just finished, as well as many other articles ive been referencing lately. i guess this is what you'd call getting the hang of it, getting it all together now.

so im learning that it is necessary to open one's self up to grow into one's Good, too, that it's an active, dynamic thing, this using more of the powers of one's mind thing. you can't just study and absorb a lot of information and get it; it is not "magic" in that way, the way we've been accustomed to studying formally.

you have to take and digest the ideas little by little, and grow into them and through them, too, before you can access and find meaning in the next set or level of ideas. some ideas are easy, they feel like old friends. some ideas shock, and you have to do a lot of soul-searching and soul-asking, on whether they ring true for you or not. in the end, you come up with your own digest of the ideas you've absorbed, as well as your experiences so far in testing these ideas in your own "reality".

but im feeling great, all in all. i can sense my self growing and expanding and blossoming in so many meaningful and rich ways. you can always tell if ideas (or relationships, or work...) are right for you this way, thus far i've learned-- on whether you feel enlarged from having them or not.

i read a quote in some article testimonial i came across lately, and it struck me as true for how i am now too:

If this is all brainwashing, then I want my brain to be washed this way!!!

: )
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