Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Update on My 30-Day Experiment

i am learning that the 30 days is more a test on ourselves rather than the Universe.

im on my 11th day now, and feeling so low and self-doubting, but a free ezine i subscribe to tackled this very same topic, "The Power of 30 Days". it reminds one that it takes at least 21 days to change a habit, and what we're doing here is actually just changing our thought habits, from free and unmoderated mindlessness by just letting our thoughts wander as it has been conditioned to, to more conscious, more focused, more creative and more powerful mindfulness, which is learning how to gently draw our thoughts back to our Intentions, our focus.

when i started on the 30-day experiment, i actually thought that it would be one long blissful plateau of just more and more bliss, just focusing on my Intentions and staying in gratitude and joy. oh boy, was i in for a surprise!!!

so that's why im saying now that it's a test on ourselves rather than the Universe. the Universe has always been there and operates on these natural laws, regardless of anything else. it seeks more life and abundance, as its nature is. it will give us what we seek ("to have life, and to have it more abundantly!"), it WANTS to give us what we seek, but it can only give to us based on the thoughts we more powerfully impress upon it.

i was struck by an analogy earlier, while purchasing french fries at the mall. i gave my payment to the fries girl, saying i'll be back after i buy some groceries to pick up my fries, as she's still frying them anyway. i FULLY TRUSTED WITHOUT QUESTION that when i came back i'll have my fries.

doesnt that work similarly with the Universe too? our payment is our focused thoughts, and we give the Universe time to "fry"/manifest our desires, fully trusting that when it's ready and when we're ready, it'll be there, no doubts about it!

imagine what would happen if, after ive made my payment to the fries girl, i go back and tell her that im having doubts that she'll be able to fry my fries, should i take my payment back, or should i go for it? blah, blah and blah. the whole time i spent dilly-dallying and doubting should have already been the whole time my fries were being cooked and served to me!!!
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