Sunday, January 22, 2006

Vibes and Miracles

i just got this from a subscription newsletter today and thought i'd like to post it here, for quick and easy reminders. the author is not me but just happens to be my namesake, minus one letter "n". i placed a link to her website on her name. : )

10 Ways to Kink Your Vibe 
by Jeannette Maw

An aligned vibration is essential to getting what you want in life.
Many aren’t aware of their vibration or the role it plays in creating
life experiences. An out-of-alignment vibration keeps people in a rut and
prevents dreams, miracles, and other good things from happening. Here
are ten ways you may be sabotaging your vibration:

1. Worrisome thoughts – Anxious, concerned, and fearful thoughts
disconnect you from source energy, bringing you closer to the things you
don’t want in life. Habitual negative thinking is the primary culprit for
a polluted vibration.

2. Doing what you “have to” – Doing things you don’t want to do, either
out of obligation or because you believe you “have to,” creates
resistance and other disturbances in your energy.

3. Eating “right” and eating emotionally – Basing food choices on what
you’ve been told is healthy may or may not be. If you don’t enjoy
eating it, it’s not good for you or your vibration. Similarly, impulsive
or subconscious eating (to quell difficult emotions) is also bad for
your vibration.

4. Playing the martyr – Withholding good things from yourself and
refraining from enjoyment of life is another way to cut off your connection
to source energy and kink the vibe.

5. Tolerating others – The act of tolerating anything is a drain on
your energy, especially when it’s people you’d rather not be around.

6. Isolating yourself from nature – Your connection to source wilts
when you sequester yourself from nature. Uninterrupted exposure to
concrete, artificial lighting, stale air, etc. doesn’t allow for energetic

7. Being hard on yourself – Feeling guilty, embarrassed, disappointed
or angry with yourself is a sure-fire way to contaminate your vibration.
Negative emotions directed inward are toxic to healthy personal energy.

8. Being a news/TV junkie – Exposing yourself to the standard negative
news and social gossip takes a strong toll on the vibration. Many
popular TV shows also assail energy with regular violence and sarcasm.

9. Harboring resentment – Continual feelings of resentment toward a
situation, person or group kinks up the vibe over time. That includes
parents, bosses, religious groups, foreign countries, etc.

10. Disorganized physical space – A chaotic environment subtly but
relentlessly chisels away at a healthy vibration. Spending time in an
atmosphere that doesn’t feel good will deplete your energy over time,
affecting your vibration as well.


10 Tips to Manifest a Miracle
by Jeannette Maw

Those familiar with the Law of Attraction know how straightforward the
deliberate creation process is: like attracts like, so get in
vibrational harmony with what you want, and let it in. Seems simple. Yet
virtually everyone who practices it runs into hiccups. Here are ten tips to
manifest a miracle:

1. Focus on what you want - get crystal clear on what you want.
Picture the end result you desire. Imagine it in as much detail as possible.
Write about it, fantasize about it, talk about it.

2. Amp up the believability - the two factors in getting what we want
depend on the wanting of it and the believing we can have it. Amp up
the believability by reviewing all the reasons you believe you’ll get
what you want.

3. Feel it now - find ways to introduce this desire to real life now.
(Shop for the new suit for your dream job; get a new pillow for your
soon to be new partner.) Imagine in as much detail as feels good having
this desire manifested in your life now.

4. Reveal limiting beliefs - look deep within to reveal limiting
beliefs that may be holding you back from manifesting your desire. Just
becoming aware of limiting beliefs helps reduce their power.

5. Know it’s yours - don’t wonder if you’ll ever get what you’re asking
for; know it is yours simply because you chose it. You are a master
creator capable of being, doing, or having whatever you desire.

6. Listen to your intuition - pay attention to your hunches, gut
feelings, and intuition. They will guide you to the manifesting of your

7. Take inspired action - follow up on those intuitive hits by taking
inspired action. Do what feels good!

8. Feel good - be deliberate about maintaining a high vibration. That
means taking steps to feel good, day in and day out.

9. Be persistent - don’t give up! You can have whatever you choose, so
it’s just a matter of time until this miracle is yours.

10. Release your attachment - reduce resistance and increase allowing
by releasing your attachment to the outcome. Go with the flow, knowing
all unfolds perfectly.

as you probably can tell, now, im on a binge of signing up for free Manifesting
subscription newsletters and e-courses lately!!!

well, i'm making up for lost time. : )

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