Saturday, January 14, 2006

little miracles

it happened again last night.

for almost two weeks now since ive seriously started working on "getting clear", ive found that it has been easier for me to find parking space. before leaving, i say a little prayer that i'll find good parking space to where it is im going, and i imagine a neat little space just for me and nobody else. it's a little thing, and it's like playing a little game with my self.

first few times, i am always pleasantly surprised even, to find another car backing out just when i come into the parking area, and backing out in such a way that i am next in line to park! but the more it happened, the more i grew quietly amazed.

and it happened again last night.

the mall was full, it was rush hour time, the kids and i were coming into the parking lot, feeling happy and joyful because it was the weekend. just as i cruised down the rows of parked cars, a car started leaving its space, just in time for us to take its place!


after arriving home, while the kids started playing with their newly-bought toys , i went into the bedroom to unwind. lying in bed and savoring the good feelings of today, especially the part when Thea mentioned how amazing it is that we could afford to go out to malls for little snack and even toy treats now, when 3 years ago, i couldnt even afford an extra ice cream cone for little Bea, because we needed all the resources we could get just to put food on the table and pay our bills. she remembered how, one time, Bea was watching a fastfood commercial on tv, and licked the tv screen when her favorite ice cream sundae was shown! : O

yes, Thea is right. we are soo blessed now. and the shift actually started when i just decided to start counting my blessings then, more as an effort to feel better and raise my energies then just so i could go on and not give in to despair, than to really attract more good things in our life (i didn't know about the attracting part then).

anyway, as i was lying there in bed, thanking God for our blessings and the good now in our life, even as i also lazily computed our resources available with my remaining budget, the cellphone beeped.

a rarely-heard from colleague texted me to ask if id be interested in another writing project, at 3k per thousand words fee. of course i said yes, but told her i could only start in february as i still had other projects to finish by the end of this month. no problem, take your time, we'll wait for you, she said.

: ) : ) : )
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