Wednesday, January 18, 2006

letting go

i've finally finished The Attractor Factor days ago, but i needed time to process it all and come up with my internalized understandings and meanings.

that was the last step, the one chapter i put off reading for almost 3 weeks now. i tried to convince my self that i was just busying my self with practicing on steps 3 (Getting Clear) and 4 (Staying in the Feeling) -- well, i did, too!-- but deep down, i guess i sort of dreaded the last step, Letting Go.

dread, because after you let go, then what?

for someone like me used to producing at maximum performance and even over-capacity, the idea of just relaxing into... nothing.... now, that IS scary!!!

well, when i finally opened the chapter on this last step, i smiled to my self sheepishly. because right there, in the first 5 paragraphs of the chapter, author Joe Vitale addressed people's fears and struggle with letting go, this notion people have that if one is not struggling or exerting tremendous effort to work towards achieving something, one is not being good enough, not doing it right, not deserving of whatever may be achieved!!! : )

(blush, blush! that sure sounds like me!!!)

well, anyway, Mr. Vitale then gently explained about what "letting go" in the ways of Creation really mean--

1. it means letting go of anxieties, doubts, fears, any negative thought or feeling that gets you down or lowers your energy frequencies (not Staying in the Feeling and not Getting Clear, so actually, going back 2 steps backwards);

2. it also means letting go, trusting the process but NOT doing nothing at all, instead watching alertly and waiting relaxingly and listening sensitively for the Universe's gentle "nudges" as to what action to take next, even if it may sound and look silly, irrational, offbeat, kooky (the Creative is precisely creative because it doesn't work linearly or can be defined in a box).

his point is (actually, other Manifesting writers' points, too; in the process of finishing The Attractor Factor, i checked the ideas out against other writings, e-books and articles... that's the researcher in me acting up!) , it is precisely at this time that the Universe is working on getting you what you want closer to you, or getting you closer to what you want, and you must submit, cooperate, in the process.

the way i understand it now that also surprisingly feels comfortable with my ego's need to feel "in control"-- there is an Infinite, Universal Mind that we are mainly connected to through our subconscious, and there is our Conscious Mind, whether personal or collective, that we connect to through our rational, logical, left-brain mind.

now, our Conscious Mind can only fathom and figure out what has already manifested, or what is "manifestable" in the realm of logic, and works best in the Building and Maintaining Mode of what has already manifested.

our link to the Universal Mind, is our link to our powers of Creation.

Mr. Vitale expresses it as Self 1 (Conscious Mind) and Self 2 (Universal Mind) living inside ourselves simultaneously.

Self 1's job is to know what it wants for you.
Self 2's job is to bring you what you want.

so letting go basically means just staying focused on what you want, infusing and amplifying it with positive energies by constantly Getting Clear and Staying in the Feeling, and letting Universal Mind bring it to you by following its nudges.

our job is to know what we want.
letting go means letting go of figuring out "how" we will get what we want.

do not limit Universal Mind by also interfering in (worrying about, getting anxious about, etc.) the "how".

that is all.
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