Thursday, January 12, 2006

How To Create / Manifest (... so far)

1. know what you don't want.

i hate routine 9-to-5 work.

2. transform what you don't want into statements that point towards what you DO want.

affirm what you want (in the past or present tense, with feeling-inducing words, as if it has already come to pass or is coming to pass; the subconscious mind cannot distinguish time differences; All is Now in the Mind) constantly and constantly and constantly, until it becomes a part of who you are, until it becomes "naturally" a part of your "reality" (the subscious mind cannot distinguish between objective/external and subjective/internal reality either) now.

eventually the inner reality becomes the outer reality, as thoughts direct actions, and attract like circumstances. Everything is Energy, remember, and what you direct and focus your energies on, manifests. law of life and nature: what you pay attention to, grows. what you ignore or neglect, dies. (that's why do not get stuck at knowing what you don't want, because you stay focused on lack there, on what you don't have. and if you just stay there, you keep getting what you don't want. it's not what you want or don't want; it's what you focus on!)

i love to work independently, flexibly, with a lot of variety and challenge and learning and growth.

affirmation: i am now enjoying an international freelance career writing, teaching, speaking, travelling all over the world, being financially independent and secure, healthy, being loved and loving well, growing in soo many beautiful ways and helping make the world a more peaceful, happier place.

: > (wink, wink!)

( steps 1 and 2 can really be combined into a single step-- "Know what you want", but not just the kind of wanting just because so many things tempt you; it should be the kind of wanting that is the soul-desiring kind.)

3. get clear. identify the subconscious roadblocks to your belief in and acceptance of the possibility that you can, indeed, have what you want.

4. stay in joy. the intense energy produced by feelings attract like experiences, so always be thankful for the good you now already have in your life. the more you focus on the good that you have, the more good you will have. besides, gratitude is always an instant and effective antidote to worry, doubt and fear. look for the lessons and blessings behind the challenges. stay in the positive feelings of how good it would feel to already have what you want. keep your mind and whole consciousness focused on that clear and detailed image and happy feelings of you already having what you want.

aside from practicing constant gratitude, i have started building up a stock of staple little experiences that quickly return me to feelings of joy, so that when im feeling blue and starting to fall into worry, doubt, fear, i return to this experiences, whether in my mind or by doing them again: taking a looong shower and enjoying the feel of water falling on my skin from my forehead down, as i arch my head back and close my eyes to savor the little thrill; a beauty parlor or/and spa treat, a loooong leisurely licking session with my favorite ice cream on a cone, long leisurely nature walks, good lovemaking or sexual self-pleasuring and a good, long, undisturbed sleep (i expressly tell the kids to never bother me in the bedroom : >).

5. let go. let the Universe/God work and bring people and circumstances and opportunities to bring what you want to you, and you to what you want. let go of fear, doubt, worry, anxiety. stay in the good feelings of expectation now, and just let go.

i think i am ready to move on to step 5 now.
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