Saturday, January 21, 2006

Left to Right to Let Go

the mind never ceases to amaze me with its powers!

i am subscribed to this manifesting portal forum, and a few minutes ago, i posted a question about tips on letting go. two members immediately posted about the power of Gratitude, and i said yes, it works quickly for me too, but any other tips on letting go?

after i logged off and went to the bedroom to unwind, while contemplating my Intentions 2006 list, which i posted on the closet door next to my bed (so i could look at it even while i was lying down), i received the answer to my own question.

while closing my eyes and meditating on my Intentions, it just suddenly came to me that i do it the Silva way (im a Silva graduate, batch 1991).

and the Silva way goes like this:

1. close your eyes and settle down
2. with eyes closed imagine a blank screen 20 degrees up and in front of you (Silva experiments have shown how that seems to automatically bring people to their meditative or alpha level).
3. on that blank screen, imagine a new screen sliding in from the left. project onto this screen your intention. visualize it as vividly as you can and in full sensory detail as much as you can. feel the feelings of how it would feel like to already have it in your life. soak in that vision and feelings.
4. once you are totally soaked and satisfied, simply move the screen to the right as exit, and thank God/ the Universe for your intention coming your way now.

that's it.

the Silva explanation is that when asked a question they don't promptly know the answer to, people tend to look upwards to their right if they're trying to recall the answer from memory (the past), while if they really don't know the answer and are scrounging around for whatever answers are out there, they tend to look upwards to their left (the future). (nice tip to know if somebody's sincerely just trying to remember something or bluffing! : > but remember, if you're facing them, their left would be your right, and vice versa.)

anyway, another principle in manifesting is things come to you when you don't need them. : ) you desire them, but you don't need them, don't feel attached to them. once you feel the attachment, they go away. so the trick is in playful desiring, to desire them but to not really care if they come true or not. and the only way to do that is to make your subconscious mind believe that it has already happened! (if something has already happened, come to you, how can you still be anxious about whether it will come or not?)

so that's why you move your mental screen from the future (entrance left) to the past (exit right).

: ) makes sense?

anyway, ive got to go and work on my left to right mental screens now. : )

many blessings, and expect miracles!
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