Monday, March 06, 2006


i was delighted to find a packet from Centrepointe Research Institute on my office table this morning. my free Holosync cd had arrived!

i didn't know, though, that it also included a lot of explanatory and introductory materials to the science of meditation, brain wave patterns, whole brain synchronization, etc. i appreciated this a lot because it appealed to my logical, rational mind : ) and seeing things being explained more scientifically, with scientific experiments' results to support the concepts and explanations, made me feel "safer" somehow.

what particularly impressed me were the scientific experiments on the effect on Holosync users in decreasing cortisol hormone levels (associated with age-acceleration, and interferes with learning and memory; the "stress" hormone), increasing DHEA hormone levels (against aging and disease), and increasing melatonin levels (helps in restful sleep and physiological regeneration, more powerful than vitamin E). given my parents' myriad diseases when they're only in their 60s, and even my sister's bout with breast cancer, i have become more conscious and care-ful of my health, working on being preventive than reactive, especially since i have three young kids who depend on me for their very lives.

i especially appreciated, though, the validation on the purpose of mind chatter and emotional upheavals (or "overwhelm") as one goes deeper in one's meditation. somehow, my recent experiences, especially my two little upheavals (the first triggered by the church annulment petition filed by the ex, the second caused by suddenly overwhelming anxiety over a delayed transfer of only 5k), make sense now when i see them from this perspective.

here are a few excerpts from it's website's FAQ too--

What do I do about the mind chatter?

Mind chatter is the sometimes bothersome mental "talk" that floods the awareness of the meditator. Although advanced meditators don't experience as much mind chatter as less experienced meditators, anyone at anytime is subject to having a busy mind dominate their attempts to relax into a peaceful state of mind. We usually suggest a simple "witnessing" approach; observe the thoughts as they arise, but don't emotionally attach to them. Allow the thoughts to surface, and allow them to move on. Thoughts in meditation represent stresses in the nervous system bubbling to the surface, taking the form of random thoughts as they break the surface of the conscious mind.

What if I feel mentally or emotionally overwhelmed?

Overwhelm is a reaction some people have to the experience of flushing out unresolved mental and emotional material. It arises from subconscious levels of resistance to the process of releasing that material. For most people, overwhelm plays a minor role in their development; it's a temporary experience, and usually dissipates as you continue to use your CDs. Sometimes the overwhelm itself can reveal helpful information regarding the changes happening on the subconscious level.

Do I need to experience emotional upheaval or overwhelm in order for this to work?

Upheaval and overwhelm are broadly defined terms used to describe the experience of negative emotional/mental surfacing and flushing out from the subconscious. While may people experience some amount of upheaval as they go through the program, it would be a mistake to think that you need to experience upheaval in order to progress and grow, or that it is a sign that "it's working."

These experiences are sometimes by-products of growth, the same way that losing weight is, for some people, part of what has to happen for them to get into shape physically. Many people mistakenly assume they aren't progressing unless they're in the midst of intense catharsis. The truth is, your nervous system will create whatever experience is ultimately necessary for it to reorganize at a higher level of functioning. Don't resist the process of releasing that mental and emotional material, but don't go looking for upheaval either.

The best rule to follow is to let whatever happens be okay. We are giving your nervous system a stimulus pushing you to grow and change. Whatever response you have is what needed to happen at that time. The only "mistake" you can make is to resist what is happening. In fact, all discomfort experienced in the program is a result of resistance. If you were able to be totally non-resistant, the journey would be totally smooth. The whole purpose of the support materials is to teach you a way of at least coming close to create a non-resistant experience.

i just finished reading the intro materials and am now listening to the intro cd. i can't wait to try out my meditation cd later!
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