Wednesday, March 01, 2006

feeding dreams

i spent the second day of my birthday (there's no feb. 29, so i get to celebrate it on both feb. 28 and march 1, as people choose to greet me ;> ) taking time out from my usual connections with the world (an upset stomach helped this time) and just enjoying my day as i pleased.

mostly, i spent it taking good care of my self with little bodily pamperings, eating my favorite vegan foods, just taking time and paying attention to the Now, and feeding my dreams again, after a hiatus of outer world busy-ness here and there.

after dropping bea off at school this morning, i stopped by my Dream Home site, this still-being-built subdivision community named Las Villas de Hervias, to breathe in its cool, fresh positive vibes again and just stare/gaze/gawk at the site, while soaking my self in the happy feelings of what it would be like to be living there with the kids and J...

there was nobody else there, just the construction workers, and a guard this time. this time, too, i mustered up the boldness to ask the guard where their sales office was, as if i were really a serious buyer (well, i am, i just don't have the resources... yet : >).

i got the name and the street address of the office -- Carmela Valley Executive Homes, 9th St., Lacson. : ) somehow, this little piece of additional information made the Dream a little more reachable, real, like finding out a snippet of information on somebody one crushes on... : ) ... except i definitely feel more than just crushing here; i fell in love with this place the first time i saw it!

before i went home, i found the street address and the office, and filed the location in my mind for a future visit. i was too early, and their office was still closed. i wasn't dressed appropriately, too, just in house tee and shorts. i'll make sure to create a good impression by dressing like a serious buyer exuding Abundance when i do visit, sometime soon, i decided.

so this is mainly the highlight of my day today, basking in one of my soul desires, and not worrying any one bit about how it will come about.

and somehow, it is joy enough.
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