Thursday, March 02, 2006

free meditation audios

here are some links you might want to get good free meditation audios from--

SilvaUltraMind - sign up for the free e-course and get your free guided audio meditation file, too; this is what got me re-started in meditating again.

Harmonics Ascension Vibronics (H.A.V.) - a sneak peek; but i have been playing the two audios one after the other (one takes 61 minutes, the other 39 minutes) for around two weeks already, in the background, while i do other things, and i am finding out that i am more centered and peaceful and have increased energies! the increased energies is really the amazing thing for me; i can go back now to my youthful days of working straight from 1am to 10pm, with just a 30-minute refreshing and deep nap in the middle of the day! i used to need 3- to 5-hour "naps" just to recharge.

Holosync (sign up to get a free cd mailed to you! im excited to receive mine!)


but first, a primer/orientation/reminder --

How to Make Meditation Work for You - yes, it's not all about happy, blissful feelings... well, not at first, especially if you have many unresolved issues within to work on...

but if Mind creates reality, and your mind creates your own reality, the journeying with your mind is by far the best journey you can ever take!
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