Sunday, March 05, 2006

basking in joy

these past few days, ive just been going full throttle (thanks to Jody Sachse's HAV1 and Awakened Mind music), basking in joy and my heart and soul desires, doing work i love to do, doing a lot of them and doing them well, knowing im on my way to my desires, and/or they on their way to me. my relationships are all healthy and happy, without conflict. my kids and i are well provided for and taken care of in our day to day needs. at the end of the day, i am tired but happily satisfied.

yet still, sometimes, i catch my self thinking and wondering if i shouldn't be doing more towards the direct manifesting of my desires.. you know? it somehow feels like im slacking off or something, when im enjoying my self so much too, just being God's loved daughter and basking in that love.

a story i read in the forum reminds me that im on the right track after all, and that maybe those little niggling voices are just some parts of me from the past, who were accustomed to so much struggling and striving, they're feeling really uncomfortable by being in this good, trusting, relaxed and loving place at last.
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