Thursday, March 02, 2006

ESP exercise

im re-reading my Lesson 7 in my free SilvaUltraMind e-course now, and i am reminded of the Silva Seminar i took in 1991, where i was able to demonstrate an ability for psychic diagnosis (we were asked to form triads and write down the names of people we knew who had a medical condition; then the other partners tried to "guess" what you wrote down by describing the impressions that come to them; my partners were amazed that i was able to accurately describe their grandma. i was confused why i saw her with no eyes; they said she was blind!) and healing ( i was one of only 6 people who was able to bend a spoon with my mind and a light touch of my fingers; all 6 of us reported feeling a surge of very warm energy coursing through our bodies and arms as we were prompted to "caress" our spoons; we were told that the warm energy felt shows potential for channeling healing energy).

the following lines in this e-course strikes me now, though--

His (J. B. Rhine's) experiments also showed that distance, space and time played no significant effect on the success of the phenomenon. A highly trained subject in France could guess the outcome of a card drawn in the US just as well when she was across the Atlantic Ocean, as when she was sitting directly opposite the person drawing the cards.

Furthermore, the subject could guess the outcome of a card drawn a year into the future - again with the same degree of accuracy.

and the first thought that came to mind was--

hmmmm... i wonder how this will work with the lotto, and even Powerball!

the lotto i can experiment with on my own, as we have our own version of it here; but id need a willing and trustworthy partner for the Powerball.

: ) : ) : )
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