Saturday, February 18, 2006

Somebody, Answer Please!

what can be expected to happen as one grows in one's meditation?

i do my audio-guided Silva meditations every 2 or 3 days, as i find that the positive energies generated last me 2-3 days; if i do it every day, i feel very "high" and "heady" so i thought id learn to get comfortable with 2-3 days until i can move up to doing it every day.

im on my 13th session now, but recently, after the wonderful post-meditation feelings, ive found that sad/tired/bitter emotions come up to the surface. when i do the physical relaxation part, i sense everything as ok except my uterus, which feels very tired, haggard, used, abused, ravaged even. as im physically okay based on my last checkup, i think it symbolizes some creative/reproductive part of me that's feeling burnt out and sad and tired and embittered...

ive read in some articles that part of growing in meditation is emotional balancing... is this true? what does one do to make the best use of this phase then?

what can be expected, too, in the whole process of growing in meditation? what are the key phases or signposts to watch out for so that im not caught unawares next time?

i remember now that way back in 1991, when i took and graduated from my Silva course, the same thing happened as i began to practice meditating on my own, although at that time, an avalanche of negative emotions came up to the surface that it overwhelmed me... and i simply stopped meditating. i see now that if this emotional balancing phase is true and expected, i should have went ahead anyway.

but what does one do when one is in this phase? how best to handle emotional balancing?

what are the phases to expect next along the journey?

i would appreciate guidance from more experienced meditators out there.

thank you very much!

many blessings to us all!
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