Thursday, February 16, 2006

in Alpha

ive just finished my 13th Silva meditation and again, like always, im feeling wonderful! gone are the dross buildup of the last 3 days since i last did my Silva! i really should do this more often.

i am able to concentrate better now, especially after i'd note down whatever thought came to mind ("framing" it, as stuart lichtman would say). then, id just simply go back to my Alpha or meditative state and focus...

the thoughts i jotted down are interesting-- they're more like my Mind's notes to me, reminders and further To Dos:

- vegan lunch at Honey's later

- bring Bea home by 10:30 a.m., buy my vegan lunch (or have it there at her resto) from Honey's, and buy lunch and eat lunch with paolo at my office at 11:30 a.m.

- contact Dr. N re school paper talk

- (this one is most interesting... ive been having this feeling ever since i re-started my meditations but i am able to articulate this only now...) my uterus feels tired and worn out and all used up; it needs relaxation, healing and wholeness again. see Dr. C for a check up, just to make sure that everything is physically okay...

- open dollar savings accounts in the two banks where i already have my peso savings accounts ASAP! (how else can Intention 4 manifest? you are blocking its flow by not making the receptors available!) : >


my "review" using the 3-screens technique (well, actually 2 now, as i don't use the left screen anymore; just taking the image out from the right/past, bringing it to the center/present for review and "recharging" of energies, and sending it out again to the right/past, as "it has already been done" as far as Mind is concerned) also felt easier and faster, too.

my four Intentions feel now like they are farther out there in the ether, closer to manifesting, than they are closer to me here from my vantage point of just vividly visualizing them still.

so i focused on my two additional intentions instead, this time for Honey and her family and her business, and for that cake chiller she wanted. : )

the two additional intentions felt closer to where i am, so maybe these are what i need to work on now in clarifying and letting go...


another insight im getting is that practice in these meditations gets one relaxed and accustomed to being in the intuitive, Alpha mode so, that one learns finer discernment now, when one is choosing and acting from the ego/Beta level, or from a deeper, more soulful level...
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