Sunday, February 12, 2006

Celebrate the Good

how to keep "sustained, consecutive thought" on what you desire/want to manifest...


You see, that’s why I call it the observation cycle. Just by observing what is happening to me I will get more of it. People that have lots of money; they aren’t doing daily exercises.

They’re observing how much money that they have in their ATM machine and in their bank and in their cookie jar at home. They are just living that (inaudible from audio). They are observing it and in their observation, they are getting more of the same. That is like people who are down and out and don’t have any money and are broke all the time. It’s not that they deserve to be broke or that they are worthy or not worthy of it…it’s their observation of being that way that keeps them trapped in that vibration.

That is when you use deliberate attraction. When you say, “I don’t like what I am getting.” Well, you know what? You have to stop observing it.

How do you do stop observing it?

You start using the Law of Attraction more deliberately, to use deliberate attraction, so that you can change your vibration. Then once you start to receive things that are in alignment to your desire, celebrate them and say, “Ok, you know what, the Law of Attraction is starting to work.”

You see, a lot of people say they're not satisfied until they get the full manifestation. I tell people to celebrate how close anything is that is in alignment to the match. In other words, if you want 10 new clients and you have 8, guess what? Get excited about that. “Wow, am I ever good. I got 8 new clients this month so far. Am I ever good at lining up my energy. I have 8 clients.”

But you know what most people do? Most people keep score that they are not there yet. “Oh, I wanted 10, I only have 8. I need two more, I need two more, I need two more.” They are not coming from a place of abundance. They are offering a negative vibration. So, celebrate how close the match is.

If you wanted to attract an ideal mate and you go on a date and the date was only half of what you thought….celebrate the half that you like. Come home and say, “ Wow, what a great date. My date was this and this and this. Wow, I like that. Am I ever getting close. Am I ever getting close at attracting my ideal mate.” It doesn’t mean that you have to go on a second date but, find the nugget in that experience that you can celebrate. In your celebration, you‘ll get more of it.

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