Sunday, January 21, 2007

Meditation that Works

while surfing around recently for new free downloadable meditation music, to replenish the only 2 or 3 (if i include the guided money meditation) i have, i discovered this meditation portal that not only offers a lot of free downloadable meditation music but even a free online meditation course for both adults and children, and other resources as well!

oh, how truly good and Abundant the Universe is! and how it knows my deepest, most real needs!

i have actually been remiss in my meditations for quite a while now, preferring to just turn on the audio while i go about my tasks, telling myself im doing active meditation still (yeah right) by doing two things at the same time, instead of taking time and space out to truly meditate and sit still with my self.

i thought that maybe it's the music that's making me sort of bored with meditations now, so that's why i searched for new music to amp me up. on hindsight, though, my heart's question was really how to find the time and space (and like the prospect of it too, instead of dreading it!) to sit still with my self and truly meditate.

and so i am led to this portal!

all the past meditation sites (Silva, Holosync, etc.) have helped me tremendously since i started seriously meditating in the past year, but now i think i want something more simple and streamlined, and something i can take with me and incorporate into my life on a day to day basis, without lots of the religious or highly scientific/technical mumbo jumbo getting in the way (of course, at that time before, i needed these mumbo jumbo to convince my self of the benefits of meditation).

i know now how meditation does wonders for me-- clearer mind, more peaceful self, freer me, healthier and more loving relationships, more focused creativity, cleaner body, simpler life... which all manifest as abundance and success and happiness and good health and joy to outsiders-- so i don't need the mumbo jumbo anymore to still convince me.

what i need now is a meditation practice that i can take along with me daily, making it an integral part of my day and life.... and this new portal has so far been very helpful.

there are only around 22 lessons, but im taking only 1 lesson a week for an easy pace, and to truly immerse my self in it and incorporate it into my life. i am on lesson 3 now, and im feeling good, knowing now i can stay with this all the way through!

truly, when the student is ready, the teacher appears! : )

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