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Why Use EFT to Master the Universal Laws of Creation

by Anisa Aven

To leverage the power of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and the
Universal Laws of Creation, it is essential to know and to
understand the basic principles that govern our Universe.

The Universal Laws govern all of life without exception;
from the glaciers to earthquakes, from spinning tops and
spinning planets to newborns and world leaders, from
elephants and arachnids to amoebas, to orchids, oranges and

Metaphysics is the term used to study that which is beyond
the physical, beyond what we can touch, see, taste and feel.
The Universal Laws are the non-physical principles that
govern our Universe in an unfailing, impartial, consistent
and dependable fashion.

As we study the laws that govern our Universe, we see
certain empirical Truths. It is through the study of these
Universal Principles and Truths that we master our creative

With study, we begin to comprehend the profound implications
of each law; we become more and more conscious of the power
of our intentionality and of our minds; more and more
conscious of the unwavering influence of our thoughts,
emotions and beliefs on our experience.

As we begin to work with these Universal Truths (studying,
applying, practicing, and redirecting), we learn how it is
that we live either in harmony or disharmony with our dreams
and goals.

By choosing to become acutely aware of our harmonious or
disharmonious actions and thoughts, we experience and
observe first hand the Universal Laws playing out in our
lives. We experience both the 'negative' and the

Ultimately, we want to use this awareness to intentionally
guide and direct our experience, focusing on the 'ascending'
or 'positive' thoughts to attract the highest and best that
life has to offer.

Now, with the support of Emotional Freedom Technique we can
quickly and systematically neutralize the thoughts that
oppose our goals and cause the postponement of our life's

This means that with EFT we can more easily and naturally
apply the Laws of the Universe!

When we become aware of our limiting beliefs we can use this
awareness to realign our energy; to align our thoughts and
beliefs with the Universal Laws.

Many a metaphysical student can attest to their personal
'vibrational thesis' (their theory behind which ball of
thoughts, feelings and beliefs actually created their

As we continue, we become more and more adept at
specifically recalling and tracing back the thoughts,
emotions, and beliefs that literally foretold our

It's very important to understand that when we review our
past experience it is not to repudiate or cause anxiety
about our creative abilities, failings, or 'mistakes' but to
discern which habitual or "beliefs by rote" may be causing
us to attract an experience less than Heaven on Earth.

By assessing how and where our beliefs are either supporting
or repelling our dreams, we can then intentionally alter our
beliefs and thought patterns (with tools such as meditation,
silence, prayer and EFT) to navigate towards our optimal
future with greater effortlessness, ease and speed.

The Universal Laws of Creation:

The Universal Laws cannot be segmented or independently
applied, they work consistently and inter-dependently of one
another at all times.

Therefore, to 'apply the law of attraction' intentionally,
one must also learn to apply the 'law of detachment', for

To summarize, the laws:

The Law of Attraction (aka the Law of Creation) says that
whatever you put your attention upon expands.

We draw into our lives whatever we focus upon and
emotionalize - be it positive or negative. The more we
focus, the more attractive and stronger our vibration
becomes, and the more quickly it manifests. To practice the
Law of Attraction, simply put your attention and your
positive emotions upon the essence of your dreams fulfilled,
as if you already have them now!

The Law of Detachment (aka the Law of Allowing) says that in
order to intentionally attract something, we must relinquish
our attachment to it.

If we are attached, then we project negative emotions of
fear, doubt, or craving, for example, which actually repels
our dreams. To practice the Law of Detachment, be willing
to trust in the Divine Order and Divine Timing. Choose to
elevate your consciousness to a place of peaceful
expectancy, a place of allowing; where you feel absolutely
certain that all is well, right now.

The Law of Unlimited Potential (aka the Law of Pure
Potentiality) says that we are unlimited children of a very
prosperous, powerful, omnipotent, impartial, all-providing,
all-sufficient, all-loving Father/Mother/God.
Our Divine
Inheritance is all that we desire: wealth, joy, love, peace,
abundance, health, beauty, wisdom, wholeness, and harmony.

Practicing the Law of Unlimited Potential requires that we
accept our divinity and realize that the Presence of the
Divine is within. We do not have to earn the right to our
dreams; we were born deserving of all that we desire.

When we accept our unlimited nature, we know that the Source
is internal, not external. By expanding our consciousness of
this Truth, that the Presence of God is within, we exalt our
positive vibrational offering in an organic, all-
encompassing and symbiotic manner.

The Law of Reciprocity (aka the Law of Giving) says that as
you give you shall receive.

There is a failsafe method of getting everything you want;
simply begin giving more of what you want away. To practice
the law of reciprocity, begin taking action daily (giving of
yourself towards your dreams) and begin tithing of your
time, talent, and treasure to wherever you feel spiritually
fed. If you aren't sure where you feel spiritual
nourishment, just start giving 'it' away everywhere you go.
If you aren't sure where or how to take action, just start
taking action is some way (any way) and you will be led.
Give freely and with an open and unattached heart.

Think of the Law of Reciprocity as priming the pump, the
pump of your never-ending, all-providing well of prosperity,
love, and success. Taking inspired action is the act of
priming the pump and to receive we must be willing to give,
both through action and generosity.

The Law of Cause and Effect: for every action there is an
equal and opposite reaction.

There is nothing in our Universe that exists independently.
In other words, everything was created by something else and
every new creation causes a reaction to the existing

Thus, we cannot intentionally attract a new job, without
causing the old job to change or cease to exist. We cannot
intentionally attract a better relationship, without causing
the current relationship (or situation) to change or cease
to exist.

In studying this law, we become truly aware that the
Universe is not random. There is no such thing as mere
coincidence and in order to grow, change, and intentionally
attract what we really want, we must be willing to go
through the effects of change. When we immerse ourselves in
the study and application of the laws of the Universe, we
will notice certain 'thoughts' and 'feelings' that prevent
us from mastering them.

For example, let's say we want to attract a mate using the
law of attraction. If we practice the law of attraction, we
will actually visualize ourselves fully embracing, loving,
adoring and being loved and adored by our ideal life

Then, we would practice detachment by sending forth love and
gratitude for already having them in our lives. We would
then maintain our vision and our faith for as long as
possible. Here's where most of us go astray!

At some point, we may find ourselves looking around,
wondering where our perfect man/woman is; sighing at night
when they aren't laying down with us, or anxious at a dinner
where everyone else is 'coupled', for example. We may find
ourselves longing (not allowing but craving) a mate.

When we observe our attention going to 'he/she isn't here
yet'; and this attention triggers negative emotions such as
fear, sadness, worry, anxiety, or disappointment then we are
attached and not practicing the law of detachment or the law
of unlimited potential.

NOW, as conscious creation students, we have the opportunity
to USE this awareness to pivot our attention and our
vibration; we have the opportunity to eliminate the limiting
beliefs that prevent us from practicing the Law of Pure
Potentiality (that we are unlimited and therefore would of
course have nothing to fear or worry about) and practice the
Law of Detachment (that we trust in the Divine Order and
know that all is well now).

With EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) we can get in there,
dig out those limiting beliefs of 'he/she isn't here yet'
and neutralize them. Negative thoughts and emotions are
poisonous acid to our dreams, hopes, and ambitions. Think
of EFT as the antidote to the poison. EFT pours an
energetic alkaline solution on the acid that's repelling our
dreams. When we use EFT, we are alkalizing the poisonous
thoughts and returning to a space of courage and neutrality.

When we obtain a consciousness of neutrality, we can then
intentionally raise our positive emotions - our level of
certainty and purely and intentionally attract outstanding

If you haven't used EFT in a consistent manner to eliminate
the doubts that hold you back, try it for 30 days. Just
give it 3 minutes a day for 30 days. You have nothing to
lose and everything to gain - health, wealth, success, love,
beauty, joy, peace.and so much more!

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