Wednesday, April 05, 2006

why the "real world" out there is the one that is unreal

my insights from my Spoken Word meditation...

the "real world" out there is the one that is unreal because in the higher realms of consciousness, there is no pain, lack, poverty, violence, greed, and all that is destructive of life; they belong to the lower, most primitive and basest levels of consciousness. so the "real world" that we see and experience around us is simply a manifestation of this base consciousness. our will, our idea of an "abundant" life, against God's Will for an abundant life for all of us.

we have the power to change it, if we go back "home", turn inward and reclaim our God-ness or Goddess-ness. get clear, let go of negative erroneous thoughts and conditioning, know that you are a much loved Child of God, know that God desires Abundance for you as your Birthright, desires to manifest even more Abundance through you!!!

stay in Joy, vibrate and grow to the higher realms by being the manifestation of all things Good, practicing Abundance through Loving and Giving and Forgiving, to our selves first and foremost as well as to others, affirming life in all its forms, zealously guarding our thoughts and our words, which create and re-create our feelings according to how low-level or high-level the quality of the thoughts and words are.

our feelings are simply a barometer, an indicator, of what's going on inside of us. if we are feeling bad, or low, or negative, it is simply telling us that we are either in danger, "not in alignment" with our God-Self (not being the God/Goddess that we are by being less than we are), or that we must have entertained prior erroneous and non-life affirming thoughts and words. so, we must step back from danger, get in alignment again by being, rising up to our God-Self again, or find those erroneous non-life affirming thoughts and words out and weed them out from our consciousness.

the real world is the one we create with our minds, the one we create from the higher realms of Good and Light and Love and Joy, the one that lasts. it is yet to fully manifest, even as it already seeks to manifest through some of us who are awakening to our God-Selves.

meanwhile, don't let the unreal get to you. stem it back by turning your back on it. you are made of finer, stronger, better stuff than the unreal world created by small minds is! go back to your own God-Selfhood and reclaim your Power from within!
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