Friday, April 28, 2006


im not over the excitement of my new car manifesting so soon yet, and here comes another Intent manifesting!

in my list of Intentions some four months ago, paying off the last of my credit card debt was in it. it's not exactly a debt i truly incurred for my own use (guess who incurred it for his own use, using his supplementary card to mine), but the card and account is in my name, and so, as the last vestige of a past id rather move on from fully now, i want to clear my name there too and start clean.

it was not exactly in my priority of intentions, somewhere below the priority for the car, which was even also not a top priority either (the new car was somewhere in the middle).

but last monday, after three years of numerous threatening and obnoxious demand letters from different collection agencies which i basically ignored (what could i do then, i didnt have the means to even pay the minimum amount due), i received a letter from the bank itself and a collection agency it was partnering with, in a friendlier and more helpful tone, telling me that they're offering me 50% discount off my outstanding balance due to settle my account!

what is strange for me about it is, it specifically answered two questions ive just kept in my mind for future use when i get the means to finally pay it off--- about whether id promptly receive a Certificate of Clearance from them, and whether they'd also promptly erase my name from the Negative List of the bankers' association. these were something never addressed by any of the demand letters before, and to which not many people have information on. my jaw fell as i read this new letter this time; it specifically answered these two questions, almost as if it heard what i asked only in my mind! : O

anyway, over the last 3 days, i managed to negotiate a good deal with the bank, for me to pay the 50% remaining balance after the amnesty discount is applied over a series of 6 months' installment, as i explained to them that i will get the means to pay the installments from my peace project honoraria.

it was a mutually satisfactory and very decent deal for all involved and i was already happy with it.

but, what do you know?

as the week ended, my peace project colleagues asked me if they could pay my six-months' honoraria in lumpsum this May instead of monthly, so that the amount left is entirely left to the project's operations!

heavens, yes, yes, YES!!! : )
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