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Meditation on The Power of the Spoken Word

this was shared by Jessica in the forum:

Meditation on the Power of the Spoken Word

(Speak this each day in the morning, and wonderful things will begin happening for you.)

When I decree a thing, I know that it is so because the Great I AM Presence within me is All-Powerful and Unlimited. And so I listen to my Intuition, the Still Small Voice, the Divine Guidance of God within. Beloved Great Soul Being that I AM, Mighty I AM Presence, let me now express Your Divine Idea and Purpose in my mind, body, and affairs. I know that my I AM Presence is more than equal to every situation, for God is Love and Law. I start towards my Victory and Success by being glad I am myself, I forgive others, I forgive myself, and I know I am forgiven. In all my ways I acknowledge You, the Great I AM Presence of God within, and know that You will make plain my paths. I AM a good receiver and I prepare for all my blessings. I rejoice and give thanks, and know it will come to pass.

I know that my I AM Presence is All Powerful, and so I watch my thoughts, feelings, and words with all diligence. I overcome doubt, fear, and negative vibrations. Limitation is unreal and leaves no stain. I AM now immune to all hurt and resentment, for my Poise is built upon the Rock of the Christ Spirit, the Great I AM Presence of God within. I withdraw all Power from limitation and it is powerless to hurt. My Trust and Faith are strong in this I AM Presence and the Power of the Light. I take it easy and see my ever present Freedom and Salvation. I learn from the little things, they prepare me for greater Trust in bigger things.

I AM strong, I AM: fearless. My word is my wand filled with Magic and Power. The Great I AM Presence is my Light and Victory in all things. In whom shall I fear? To all negative thoughts I answer: my Supply comes from God and now appears like mushrooms overnight. God appreciates me, therefore man appreciates me. Nothing can interfere with my Divinely Designed Success. The Invincible Power of my Mighty I AM Presence sweeps before me, and I ride Its Waves into my Promised Land. I only desire that which God desires through me, and I claim that which is mine by Divine Right and under Grace in a Perfect Way. My heart is not troubled, neither am I afraid. I AM awake to my Good, I know that whatsoever I ask or speak in the Name of the I AM, the Christ Spirit within, that it shall be done, that God may be glorified through me. I do not ask amiss, but I ask with Praise and Thanksgiving, to the Good of all concerned, so that I may see the Glory of the Law in action.

I change my world by changing my thoughts and my vibrations. I AM a Master workperson: my tools are my thoughts, feelings, and words: I build according to Divine Plan. With all my receiving I ask that I also get the Understanding of the working of Spiritual Law. I AM practicing the Law of Laws: I do unto others as I would have them do unto me. I have the Single Eye that sees only Good in all people and in all circumstances. I am undisturbed by appearances. I do not allow selfishness or personal will to bring defeat or failure. I know that unless the Great I AM Presence “Builds the house” that my labors are in vain. And so I see myself bathed daily in the Great Violet and White Light of the Christ Spirit, and It dissolves all appearance of lack, loss, limitation, or disease.

Peace is within my consciousness. The years the emotions have eaten are restored to me. I know that whatever I desire or require is already on my pathway. My Understanding brings me Peace. I have Loving Dominion over my thoughts and words. I learn to let God: to get out of His way so He can harmonize and adjust the situations, If I experience any doubt, I call on the Law of Forgiveness and the Violet Flame, and I do something to show my Faith for Faith without works is dead. My active Faith keeps me in touch with God and impresses my Subconscious with Expectancy. My Intuition is my unerring guide: I practice It in little things and I learn to trust It in bigger things. The Great I AM Presence of God goes before me each day and all battles are won. Peace is within my consciousness and Prosperity within my being, I have great peace because I love Thy Law, and nothing shall offend me. I practice the Law of Nonresistance: I resist not limitation, but overcome limitation with Good.

By my words I AM justified. I do not joke destructively. I do not speak while angry or resentful, because whatever I speak, I attract. God's Inexhaustible Energy is released through me by my Goodwill. I do not allow resentment and intolerance to rob me of my Power. I watch my thoughts and I watch my words. I direct God's Dynamic Force within to heal, bless, and prosper: to Waves of Good to the whole world. I feel Rich and I attract riches, I feel Successful and I attract success, I feel Love and I attract love. I picture in my mind only Good and know that is the Land I am given. I cultivate the feeling that Miracles and Wonders are coming to pass: I cultivate a Success Expectancy. I am an awakened being who knows only one Power: God; and one condition: Good. I do not look back on “hard” times, but I give thanks for the dawn of each new day, and look forward to the joyful and miraculous events of the day. All that I desire or require is already on my pathway and I am wide awake to manifest it. The walls of lack and delay now crumble away, and I enter into my Promised Land under Grace in a Perfect Way. I think of Truth, Honesty, Justice, Purity, Loveliness, Good, Virtue -- and I give praise.

In nothing am I anxious; I AM not fearful. I believe in God's Power and that all things are possible. And in everything in Reverence, Gratitude, and Thanksgiving I let my desires and requests be made known unto my Beloved Great Soul Being, the Great I AM Presence of God within. I follow my intuitive leads in spending, for my Supply comes from God. I have the Spiritual Realization of doing the things I desire --the feeling that I am already there. I AM in its vibration. My Vision allows me to see clearly where I am going. I establish the Vibration of Assurance. I know that whatsoever I ask of the Great I AM Presence, it will be given to me. My active Faith and Expectancy keep the machinery of asking and receiving in Perfect Divine Order. When I pray, I believe I have it; in nothing am I anxious; I stand still and see the Salvation of God; I do not limit my Beloved Great Soul Being, the Great I AM Presence. My Realization is Manifestation. I speak and decree with Authority and Love, Praise and Thanksgiving. I am nonresistant, poised, and peaceful, expecting Good to come to pass. I AM the receiver, God is the Giver: I allow Him to create His Own Channels. I say, “If this is according to Divine Plan, then I receive it with Praise and Thanksgiving; if not, then I ask for its equivalent or something better.” I am careful not to force anything not Divinely planned. I put those I love under the Law of Divine Protection. I prepare for my blessing and follow my intuitive leads. I now give God the right of way.

I love and praise God, for His Love and Mercy endures forever. I stand still and let God run the situation. I face each day and the lions of lack, fear, limitation, or dread, knowing that God goes before me and all battles are won. It is Heaven to be unafraid and to live in the Now. By my words of Truth I make new my mind, body, and affairs. My Faith gives me a sublime assurance of my good. My Unlimited Supply is waiting to be released by my Faith and my spoken word. As Jesus taught, I harness and direct my thoughts. My imagination is the workshop. I transmute fear into Faith, for Faith registers ideas in my Subconscious from whence they objectify and become. I AM Successful and Happy, Poised and Balanced, in Rhythm and Harmony. I trust God.

I change my words and I change my world. My affirmations build constructive ideas in consciousness. My faith creates Expectancy. I do unto others as I would be done by, for any violation of the Law of Laws causes a short circuit. God is Immutable Law and His principles are unchanging. His Divine Ideas are Immutable, not subject to change. The Divine Plan of my life is a Perfect Idea of God and cannot be spoiled in any way. I know the Truth and the Truth gives me Freedom. I ask believing and know I shall receive. I am interesting to people because I am interested in something; I AM enthusiastic. I transmute all failure into Success, injustice to Justice, unforgiveness to Forgiveness, and resentment to Love. I: know that with God all things are possible, and so with Divine Enthusiasm, I bless what I have and look with Wonder and Thanksgiving at its increase.

There is no limitation. There is no absence of Life, Substance, or Intelligence anywhere. Pain, sickness, poverty, old age, and death cannot master me, for they are unreal. There is nothing in all the Universe for me to fear, for greater is He that is within me than he that is in the world. God is all Life, Love, Intelligence, Substance, Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence. I am a Child, a much loved Manifestation of God, and every moment His Life, Love, Wisdom, and Power flow into and through me. I AM one with God and am governed by His Laws. God, manifest as Life, Wisdom, and Power is now flowing into my entire being and out through me to the external world. I AM Spirit, Perfect, Holy, and Harmonious. Nothing can hurt me or make me sick or afraid, for Spirit is God and God cannot be hurt or made sick or afraid. I manifest my Real Self through this body now. God works in me to will and to do whatsoever He wishes me to do, and He cannot fail.

Beloved Great I AM Presence, let Thy Will be done in me. Let Thy Life flow through me anew while I wait. You are the Life within me. You are the Answer to all my questions. You abide in me, You have all Power, You are the Answer to all that I desire. Radiate Thyself Now from the center of my being. Fulfill Your Highest Thought in me now.

So Be it!


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