Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My Only Task These Days

i am more regular now in sticking to my daily 4am meditation commitment schedule (God first!) and i can even do a one-hour meditation session now without "effort" (being conscious that it's been an hour!).

how far i've come and grown in these "experiment" huh? to think that when i started Magical Mind, i was just intent on testing out manifesting principles i've learned...

and the most important thing i've learned is that the process actually brings you closer to your spiritual core and to your Higher Self/God/the Universe, and that somewhere, somehow along the way, you actually are not so keen on manifesting material intentions anymore than you are in actually living out spiritual values in your own life.

but the funny thing is, when you focus on the higher Spiritual concerns now, your heart's desires are actually brought to you in your life!

imagine-- i am at peace now with my self and with others, my relationships with family, friends, colleagues and even strangers are healthy, my writing has taken off (with national awards and going international now to boot), my children are thriving wonderfully and so am i, and i have a truly beautiful and special relationship now with a wonderful man whom i am also able to intimately share my spirit (not just my mind, heart and body) and spiritual journey with!

i can now truly understand what is meant by that Bible saying: "seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His Righteousness... and all these things will be added unto you."

these days, i am just focused now on always being Clear-- getting clear and staying clear in spite of Life's happenings, demands, stresses-- so that i become a clearer channel for God's Grace, Love, Wisdom, Peace, Health and Abundance to flow through, to work through.

and i am finding out that it should be constant work too -- vigilance and feeding yourself with the conditions necessary to make that kind of Clarity sustainable -- or else, you lose it. that's why i'm doing my meditations daily and regularly now, in addition to eating and living healthily, feeding my mind and body only good, affirming stuff and staying away from negative/trashy/BS reading material, films, music, the tv, newspapers, negative gossipy/blaming/complaining people and surroundings as much as i can.

it's also a lesson in supreme openness and Trust -- trust in God/the Universe, trust in things working out for the best, trust in other people, trust in your self that you can handle whatever comes -- as i try to live it out daily, and i'm finding my self more open, "softer" but so much stronger now so to speak, and less attached to outcomes (succeed/fail) but more focused on the process (just living in the present moments moment by moment and aligning my self with the Flow of Life).

the interesting thing i'm discovering, though, is how i even handle schedules has changed 180 degrees now. there's the outer schedule of my life's To Dos, and there's the inner, ticking schedule of my Real Life, and i see them and live them out differently now. i used to think my To Dos were the paramount thing, with my Real Life to be fitted into it somehow. now i live my Real Life as it happens, with my To Dos to be fitted into it instead. with To Dos left undone, i figure they were not meant to be done today given the priority of Real Life, so i just move them to another day. it's so much less stressful, at the very least.

Life is so much more real, at the very best, though. i am more present to my self and to people and to experiences as they happen, and i respond more authentically and naturally and instinctively with the truth of my mind and heart at each moment. i am less "mental" and calculating in the way i approach situations and i am finding out that all those mental, calculating stuff is just so much baggage, that there is really nothing to be afraid of -- in people and in Life!

this week, particularly, the message that has been strongly and frequently coming out in my meditations is this (yes, i write them down in my journal now as they come, so i can go back to them again and again as well as "document my process" : > )--

The only task you do today is to keep contrary thoughts away. I will take care of the rest. I will work wonders for you and through you, you'll see. I love you, and I always take care of you. Make it easier by letting go, my child. The only task you do today is to keep contrary thoughts away.
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