Sunday, April 08, 2007

Money will always flow into whatever you have created in your life to receive it!

i am taking another break from working on my project paper, and i pick up where i left off in my reading of Shakti Gawain's Living in the Light. i come to this chapter on "Money" and this line hits me like a huge universal (welcome) bop on the head, i can still see the stars exploding--

"Money will always flow into whatever you have created in your life to receive it."


no wonder when we "save for a rainy day", the rainy day comes! when we set aside amounts in our budget for medical/hospital bills, the medical/hospital expenses come!!! : O omigod. i am only seeing it clearly for the first time now.

i have long experience with almost a perpetual lack of money, and only very new experience with abundance now, but what i can relate to most was in the early years of my struggling to get the children and i out of the debts from the marriage, and to get back on our feet again, it would happen time and again that whatever extra money i earned or received (this was already during the phase where i consciously focused on abundance, not lack, always thanking for my blessings and staying in gratitude, so money always came in somehow), i would only be able to enjoy the joyous feeling for a day, at most, and then something would break down at home, some needed repairs, some new emergencies, etc., would crop up that would entail my using the new money for those.

knowing this principle now, i understand: i did not create anything new to receive the new money coming into my life, so they got channeled to whatever was there--our needs-- and since our previous needs were already met, the energy of the new money created the energy of the new needs (repairs, emergencies, etc.)!!!

ohhh, wowww.

this is interesting validation of what i've been experiencing lately, too, you see.

since november when i've updated the house mortgage arrears, i've somehow left the monthly payments slip again, because the amount i've budgeted for the monthly payments somehow get eaten up by new needs coming up every month.

well, last month, as i saw the monthly arrears piling up again, i resolved to get a grip on my self and focus on erasing that buildup again. so to help me along, i created a separate envelope and marked it "for paying off house monthly mortgage payments", and set aside an initial seed amount there covering two months (the mortgage company doesn't accept partial updating now), and placed the envelope in the bottom drawer of my dresser, so that i will not touch that money anymore (i used to just place all my money in my wallet).

well, what do you know? i noticed that since i did that, i was asked to do extra work, services, etc. which paid me additional income here and there, and which helped me now to add to the amount in the envelope, so much so that i can see my self fully updating the mortgage again by next month, at the latest!

and now, i read about this principle! (the only other principle explained in the chapter was: money is just a symbol of universal creative energies, and since universal creative energies are limitless, money can be limitless; we don't have to compete, work our lives off doing work we didn't love to do, etc. the solution is to get in the flow, do what you love, do what builds your energies up, and the money will just follow.)


so, i've just finished creating 3 more envelopes now (creating the receptacles to receive : >)--

one, marked "Additional Income/Wealth";
two, marked "Disneyworld Christmas and New Year with the kids (and M!)" : ); and
three, marked "House and Home Improvement and Beautification" (including a move to our dream home at Ayala North Point, or elsewhere better :>)

-- deliberately creating positive receptacles for money to flow in now, instead of just creating them by default (not creating at all, so new money flows into newly created needs) or negatively ("rainy days").

i'll update here on what happens with this new experiment of mine. : )

obviously, i am excited. like a kid on her new bike--

look ma, no hands! :D
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