Wednesday, September 20, 2006

More Than Enough

i am starting to have more than enough now, when less than a year ago, even just last Christmas, i was still so caught up in being anxious about where to find the resources to pay for our needs and some basic wants...

these days, i am so busy with so many income-generating projects, i don't have time to spend the income i earn from them anymore!!! : O

oohhhh, it's not much (yet), but enough to start generating surplus.

and what is so special about this now is that im not running around for the money; im just driven by passion for all these kinds of work i already loved doing in the first place, even if i wasn't paid for them!

how has this come about? sometimes i catch my self and ask.

1. clearing my Mind and teaching it to think only on what i desired was a major thing. the clearing part, especially, took months of hard inner work. when you've spent a lifetime reacting automatically to the events and people around you, thinking negative thoughts when things go wrong (or sometimes,just seem to be going wrong) and thinking positive thoughts only when things are already going right.... it takes supreme self-consciousness to catch one's self and one's thoughts, and check them against what one truly wants to manifest, and then transform these negative thoughts into positive ones, even if appearances show you have more reason to think negatively than positively.

ooohhh i researched and followed so many tools and exercises for clarifying one's mind, too. the most helpful for me, though, has been the learning from Stuart Lichtman's cybernetic transposition, and EFT (or Emotional Freedom Technique).

i have developed a quicker, simpler way for my self, though, after trying out all these tools-- i simply either just write down whatever it is i am feeling and thinking, pour them all out in my journal (called "framing"), and then, after everything has been poured out, i write down my favorite affirmation at the time at least 10 times in my diary, over and over and over, until, my mind feels cleared, and i feel much better.

for so many months now, this has been my favorite affirmation--

God's wealth is circulating in our lives. God's wealth flows to us and through us in avalanches of Abundance. All our needs, desires and goals are instantaneously met, because we are One with God, and God is our Infinite and Abundant Supply, and God is Everything.

of course, it might not mean a thing or strike any chord for you, but it does for me. affirmations, to be most effective, have to be very personally meaningful. it helps, too, to research on what are the effective affirmations used by others out there, take the ones one likes, and refine them according to one's own special needs and resonances.

so far, i have used up 3 notebooks in 9 months' time, just doing these clarifying and affirming exercises.

2. getting into the habit of Gratitude, too, has been a major thing. in fact, even before i learned the techniques of clearing one's Mind, i first stumbled into the power of living life daily in a state of Gratitude. it not only helps one feel instantly better, it sets one's disposition automatically in alignment with an Abundance consciousness or mentality, instead of otherwise.

how can one ever feel poor when one recognizes so much to be grateful for?

this automatic "re-alignment" actually then aligns one's self in the pathway of blessings and Abundance. i've had it happen to me too many times already for it to be purely coincidental. whenever i thank God/the Universe/Life for what i have, what i've had, and especially even for what's coming, somehow, doors open where i never thought there were even doors! i meet people or am placed in circumstances where my way is just almost perfectly paved for me, even when i my self lack the material resources to secure them for my self.

i have experienced going to Manila and back, with only 80 pesos in my wallet, for instance.

and having our almost brand-new Vios, all fully paid for, given to me by my father whom i used to think was Mr. Scrooge personified, with no strings attached, when before the kids and i made do with a rickety almost 30-year-old car which kept conking out and leaving us stranded wherever, is a major miracle in my life!!! and what i remember most before the Vios came was that i've learned to accept it gracefully and even joyfully whenever the old car conked out, thanking God still that at least it was just our car conking out but that we were safe and healthy, and then thanking God too for the new replacement car coming our way!!! : D that last part actually became such a habit, it felt like some kind of private joke i shared with God already, every time the old car conked out. "thank you God, for the new replacement coming our way!!! (wink, wink!)" : D

3. part of growing into Abundance is developing an Abundance Mentality, instead of still catering to the usual poverty and scarcity mentality of our culture. whenever im asked by anybody, stranger or not, as long as i have the resources, i share whatever i can, and i give them freely, time, energies and/or money.

particularly with money, when i part with it, deep inside me i part with it willingly and freely, blessing the person receiving it from me, whether in the form of payment or alms. when someone overcharges me, or "steals" from me in some way, instead of cursing them and getting angry and self-righteous, i try to understand why they did what they did, sympathize with their needs, and bless them anyway. i figure, if they can't or won't pay me what's due me, i'll just charge it all to Heaven, which must surely pay me back, my cup overflowing.

i learned, too, to treat my self like the goddess that i am and that i deserved to be. this meant many shifts in thinking and behavior, like not eating my children's leftovers anymore (does a goddess ever eat leftovers???), learning to feel good and even finally revel in splurging on my self without guilt (why would a goddess scrimp on being good to her self???) and finally, learning to part with money graciously and happily, believing and trusting now that there's always more where that comes from, where this goddess comes from!!! : D


and yes, they work.

biblical, magical? maybe. but i have a strong suspicion now that it's just basically certain fundamental universal principles and laws, like the laws of physics and gravity.

Mind creates all. Imagination and Will choose what to create. Attitude and Emotions attract like matter, people and circumstances.

so choose well. think only of what you have chosen. and get into the spirit/habit/consciousness of the stuff what you have chosen is made of.

that is all.

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