Monday, September 25, 2006

The Magic of Empowering Questions

i just received my first Magical Musings free e-newsletter from Kate Corbin today, and i'd like to post and share the contents here for net posterity--

The Magic of Empowering Questions
"I always wanted to be somebody, but I should have been more specific." – Lily Tomlin

If you pay attention to your self-talk, you will notice that you ask yourself a lot of questions. Some of these questions serve you well and others don’t. Questions that feel good raise your vibration while questions that feel bad lower your vibration.

Have you ever started your day with downer questions like – How bad will the traffic be this morning? How grouchy is the boss gonna be? How many complaining customers will I have to deal with today? If so, you’re in the process of attracting heavy traffic, an unpleasant boss and whining customers.

Try empowering questions instead – What if it’s blue skies and green lights all the way to work today? Wouldn’t it be fun to make the boss laugh today? I wonder how many customers I can uplift today? Which questions feel better?

Here are my some of my favorite feel-good questions -- guaranteed to raise my vibration:

  • What would make me feel really good today?
  • What can I feel excited and enthusiastic about today?
  • How can I uplift others today?
  • What would I like the Universe to do for me today?
  • What if I make Feeling Good the most important thing today?
  • How good does it feel to know that the Universe is saying YES to all my desires and supporting me in their fulfillment?
  • How good does it feel to know that my life is unfolding perfectly?
  • How tuned in, tapped in, turned on can I be today?
  • How much joy, love and appreciation can I feel today?
  • What magnificent people and fabulous experiences would I like to attract today?
Asking empowering questions raises your vibration and invites in the good stuff. So, how about using the magic of empowering questions to raise your vibration, feel great and create a fantastic, amazing, extraordinary life – truly enjoying every moment of your precious journey!

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