Thursday, July 06, 2006

the law of attraction, personally speaking

how shall i say it without sounding smug?

i seem to be attracting the good quality guys these days.

i didn't write it publicly in my Desire List, although i wrote it in my diaries from time to time, but it seems like, at last, the Universe is answering my heart's call.

good-hearted, smart, accomplished, goodlooking and available men seem to be coming out of the woodwork these days, when, for most of my life, i thought they were non-existent.

in my teens, i attracted and was attracted to the bad boys, those dumb jocks from the lowest academic classes.

i didnt have much of a carefree single life in my twenties as the first man courageous (or what i thought was courage then) enough to defy my father's strict protectiveness, became my husband.

after the marriage, for a time, i met mostly losers, if not outright users even, who had major psychological and emotional flaws in them.

then, there was a phase, too, when Jackie Collins' book title kept insinuating itself into my consciousness-- The World is Full of Married Men!

lately, though, things seemed to just have suddenly and quickly changed. i don't even have to look for them. people i know take pains to introduce me to their single and available male friends, who, from their c.v.s alone, are who would qualify in most mothers' books as "good catches".

is this a happy by-product of all my inner work? : ) i suspect that maybe, my consciousness has grown quite a significant bit, thus upping the ante on the kinds of men i attract into my world now quite a notch.


but im not jumping at the opportunities all giddy and silly now. strange how i have reached a state where i can really just sit back and enjoy all the attention im receiving, holding my ground, without feeling anxious nor guilty nor too fearful about it now. i want and i desire, still, yet, i am just enjoying it, not concerned anymore about outcomes and expectations.

is this how the law of detachment works, within the law of attraction? i have heard it said many times before-- it is when you stop looking that you finally find.

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