Thursday, May 11, 2006

Found Abudance log

when i re-started my regular meditations last monday, i also started this "Found Abundance" log, going by the manifesting principle of paying attention to your Intentions manifesting by logging any and all signs of their manifesting, even in little bits and increments, even if they're not manifesting in the exact form you intended, so that you help the manifesting along instead of blocking it by doubting or fearing they're not happening at all. in short, it's actually Gratitude in action, and more scientifically this time. : )

i've created it in Word and placed a shortcut to it on my desktop so i can quickly and easily access it to review it and add to it each time.

so here is a copy of my "Found Abundance" log so far--

Found Abundance!

Eternal Thank Yous!

- my life, my mind, my body, my heart, my will, my talents, my experiences and lessons so far

- my children

- our good health

- our happy and safe home

- the love of our families and friends

- the love of J, and the lesser loves and lessons that came before

- our school

- my work

- my peace work

- good food

- comfortable shelter

- good clothes and shoes

- opportunities to grow and rise up to our highest potentials

- Life!

As of Tuesday, May 09, 2006 –

- Toyota Vios 1.3E

- Citibank amnesty program and surprisingly pleasant communications all throughout the negotiations

- P14,000 Pag-IBIG automatic credits to our mortgage, lessening the amount I have to update

- P1000 Iyas creative writing workshop surprise honorarium for my documenting it

- Able to meet budget at Palmas

- Able to meet budget this period/cycle without borrowing from others

- LG and WB gracefully waiting for me to finish my writing projects with them, so i can be paid

- the chance to earn extra (and develop further my speaking/training career for future income streams) from the Basic Communication Skills teaching opportunity

As of Thursday, May 11, 2006 –

- J‘s $40 arriving quicker than expected, one day only instead of two days!

- Mrs. S told me I have honoraria for catalogue updating, even if it’s my half summer load!

- A approved my enrolling at TRANSCEND Global Univeristy for online PJ course, tuition to be taken from Project funds’ staff development budget!

- When I get paid from the Basic Communication Skills training, and in addition to my projected savings of 10k from TBS commission, I will have already covered two months of my Citibank monthly 12k payables to fully settle my account with them by November!

Thank You, God –

for all the Blessings we have received,

for all the Blessings we are receiving,

and all the Blessings coming our way!!!

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