Thursday, January 22, 2009

How to Stay in Joy/Keep Feeling Good (Because It's the Good Feelings that Attract the Good Things)

Because of this, I came up again with these, what i have found effective so far over the years-- just to remind me of what to do when i don't know what to do anymore:

1. Remember: do not be anxious nor worry about results. They will come, in due time. It's the FEELING GOOD THAT ATTRACTS THE GOOD THINGS, so stay in joy and keep feeling good, even if you're not seeing any results yet!

2. Count all your blessings. Not just make a mental list. Write it down, too!

3. Just take the Next Step in faith. That's all Life asks of you. The Universe will do the rest. Just take the next step.

4. Reach for relief. Reach for a "feel good" thought.

5. Pleasure yourself. In all the little ways that give you pleasure and joy, which soon add up to bigger ways and joys. (Treat your self to a coffee or even dinner date, beauty salon or spa pampering, or even "self-pampering" :> ).

6. Do something good for someone else.

7. Live in the Now. Just attend to the Present Moment and live there, fully.

8. Pay attention to what you're feeling now, feel it fully, verbalize/express it... and then, let it go.

9. Do something productive-- even if it's as simple as cleaning your dresser top or reorganizing your closet. Take your mind off your concern by doing something that produces good results because you already do it well.

10. Get the facts on your concern. Do not stew in your worst assumptions and imaginations. Research. Ask. Ask the relevant persons concerned. Ask the right people.

11. Breathe more deeply.

12. Take a nap.

13. Turn off the cellphone, tv, radio, and yes, even the Internet-connected computer (after this is done). Sit and meditate and pray, instead.

14. Meditate and pray.

15. Journalize.

16. Take a long, self-pampering bath.

17. Deep-condition your hair as you listen to classical music.

18. Pamper your skin with gentle, loving strokes with moisturizer or lotion. : )

19. Put on red lipstick.

20. Watch Mr. Bean, The Nanny, That 70s Show and eat ice cream sloowwwwwwly.

this should do, for now.
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