Sunday, November 12, 2006

SOGR for Practical Geniuses

i finally signed up for the online course above last night, almost 10 months after i downloaded the free ebook from the SOGR site (click on title above to get to the site's link) and studied and practiced the principles on my own.

over the last 10 months, so many miracles have happened i am actually beginning to expect them more than not expect them!

still, i have my days struggling with disempowering thoughts and feelings, and i feel that i need a more formalized structure now through the Course and the network of support it provides.

...especially now that i feel like im going for the Gold of my dreams now, and all the rest that came before were just practice.

strange, though, that what i am after now, is not so much the material side of Abundance (i feel rich now... and i am looking forward to just getting richer and richer! heehee) but the higher emotional, psychological, psychic and even spiritual side of Abundance... in the form of True Love, at last.

now that i can see it within my reach, i want to do everything i can to prepare my self for it and be worthy and knowledgeable of it, to do everything Right at last, and not lose out or throw it away by ignorance or default.

God help me as i reach for my Gold now!!!
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